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Top 6 Devil and Demon Makeup Ideas to Rock This Halloween

Top 6 Devil and Demon Makeup Ideas to Rock This Halloween

It may seem that Halloween is still more than a couple of months away but it is never too early to start preparing for it. Why compromise with the last-minute ensembles when you can practice some great makeup ideas and work on your scary or spooky costumes with ample time at your hands. Especially, when it comes to creating some dare-devil looks using makeup, now is the time to try different tutorials and decide upon the one that you are finally going to wear. From getting the right colored lenses to rehearsing various looks, this year make heads turn with your Halloween costume.

  1. The Devil – Keep it Simple

If you find painting your whole body too clichéd, then you may want to keep it simple. A red dress will also do justice to your Devil costume if you would combine it with some bold, glossy, red lip color. Finish this devilish look with equally bold red liquid eyeshadow with the same nail color. Keep your foundation in ivory tones too with a subtle red tint on the cheeks. To make the look really sinister, wear a pair of Black Contact Lenses to give off a demonic vibe. 

  1. The Emoji – Purple Devil

Another really devilish look that you can try is the emoji devil look. The purple devil. For this look, you will need a Purple face-paint. Combine it with a shiny, jet black wig if your own hair is not dusky. Wear thick lashes, jet black eyeliner, and the purple horns. Black, gothic style lip color and black nail color and to make your makeup last through the night, you can spritz on some setting spray. 

  1. The Possessed - Ghastly Devil 

Want to recreate a ghastly, possessed by the devil look? Then experiment with some fake blood. Paint a pentagram on your forehead within circle inspired by The Sigil of Baphomet with blood drizzling down. Jet black winged eyeliner, fake eyelashes, smoky black eye makeup, and sclera full eye contact lenses will complete the look. Don’t forget to add blood tears dropping down from one eye and add more blood dripping from your lips and to add a more realistic touch, also paint a centipede-like bloodied mark on the neck. Pin straight hair and an off-shoulder blouse or dress would finish this look with a flourish. 

  1. The Angel – The Devil

Want to stay glamorous and glitzy? And yet, want to try something spooky too? Then, the half-angel, half-devil look is perfect for you. All you need is your favorite eyeshadow palette, a long strappy dress, preferably in silver and black to symbolize the angel and devil. On the right eye, wear red eyeshadow with heavy glitter, draw horns on the heavily powdered brows. On the left eye, create the angel vibe with aquatic glittery blue eyeshadow blended with ivory shades and draw an Angel’s Halo on the top of the left brow. Conclude this sexy look with a single red lens in the right eye for a more sinister look. For the lips, use deep shades of glossy burnt peach-pink color. 

  1. The Satan - Devil in Disguise

Tired of all the bold, glitzy, and gory makeup looks? Want to go for something totally low-key? This devil in disguise look is satanic yet a completely laid-back look. Grab a black dress, preferably off-shoulder, or boat-neck. Apply your favorite base and once you are done with all the contouring and highlights, wear some fake lashes, apply some red eye shadow and apply it on your eyelids and blend it in under the eye as well. Also, add a hint of burnt orange by blending it on the edges. Outline with bold black liquid liner. Wear the ribbon around your neck. Draw a thin, upside-down cross under the right eye. While you play down your whole look, bring all the attention to your eye and give them the real satanic look with blackout contact lenses.

  1. The Real Devil - Red Face 

If you are all into the devil look, then set your inner devil free and have fun with red face paint. For this look, you will require heavy-duty mascara, real heavy false lashes, and a pair of silver-grey contact lenses. To give it a more sinister coverage, either die your hair silver grey blonde, anything from ashy to platinum would suit equally well. Apply some silver eyeshadow on your lids and wear a red horned headband. For contouring use, black eyeshadow and black, glossy lipstick is a must. You can complement this whole look with a floor-length black robe or a Grecian style floor-length dress.

So, what are you waiting for? Rehearse your Looks, order contact lenses and Bingo! On the all Hallows Eve, let your inner devil out!
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