Collection: 22mm Full Eye Sclera

Are you wanting to take your costume to the next level? Then these Full Eye Sclera Contacts might be just what you are looking for. Soft, flexible, and comfortable while also will providing extra depth to your Halloween costume or fancy-dress outfit, they are also great for cosplay events! They cover the whole eye for a complete black outlook.

The 22mm full eye black sclera costume contacts are perfect for a number of outfits. Need some inspiration? How about a walking dead zombie with an appetite for brains? Or an alien with no end to their eyes of deep black pools? Even a vampire with the darkest eyes that hide the centuries secrets. Evil fairy? A demon sent to curse the Earth. There is no end of uses for these creepy Halloween contact lenses.

You are sure to impress as they really add the extra detail that sends your look over the edge. While they look amazing (and convincing) you will also find them high quality and easy to use. Our contacts are a safe, quick solution to making your outfit go from zero to one hundred and level up your look in a flash.

And our contacts are not just for Halloween. Bring a creepy, dramatic element to your look any day and stand out from the crowd. You can be assured that these sclera contact lenses are double take worthy and will always steal the show. So, bathe in the limelight as you take the light out of your eyes. You can even make your eyes completely dark by using our Black colour lenses.

Think it is time to let out your evil just a little? Show the world your demonic side and chill your friends to their core. These are nonprescription contact lenses so no need to worry about seeing an optician as these are purely for fashion purposes. Our shipping is speedy, and we have online support if ever you have any questions.

With up to 8 hours of use in one go and 1 month, 6 month or 1-year variations these 22mm sclera contact lenses truly stand the test of time so you can continue to reign terror and truly look the part.

And do not forget to pick up a cleaning solution to keep your new accessory fresh and hygienic. We cannot wait for you to try these 22mm contact lenses so you can see for yourself just how creepy you'll look when you transform your very own eyes into the void.

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