Colored contact lenses Australia

If you are looking for attractive and affordable coloured contact lenses in Australia, you have come to the right place. We are an online retail company and our aim is to provide quality coloured contact lenses to our customers. Want to change your eye colour? Have a look at our vast collection of affordable and cheap coloured contacts and find the one which suits you perfectly. We have a wide variety of coloured contacts in different styles.

The demand of natural coloured contacts has increased in recent times. Halloween has also become a greater deal overtime with most people wanting to make their look authentic and unique. And what better way to look original than pairing your costume with matching coloured contact lenses. Some people even prefer to use lenses on a daily basis to change their overall look! We think that is a great idea! If you don’t want your eyes to look the same every day and go the extra mile rather than just putting on eye makeup, coloured contact are the best solution!

We have warm and dark tones of available that will seem like the natural colour of your eyes once you put them on. Some of the colors we have are:

Browse through our collection of and choose the one which completes your look! Some of the best colors and designs that we would recommend for Halloween are:


  • Black- These would be perfect if you are planning to be a witch, or a vampire!
  • Red – These would go perfectly with a vampire or a ghost costume!
  • White – Pair these with a cult or a werewolf costume and give your friends a scare!
  • Yellow- Get these to complete a unique look!

All these and many more colors are available at our website. Also, you could get a mixture of two colors such as red and black or black and gold to get an even more authentic and creepy look.


We offer many designs that you could choose from depending on your costume and personal preference.

How to insert coloured contact lenses?

We know it's scary to insert contact lenses on your eyes for the first time. Believe me, we’ve tried. But honestly, the process is pretty simple. And once you get the hang of it, next time will seem like a piece of cake. If you are getting contacts the first time, you might get exhausted and even annoyed and agitated because it may take more than a few tries to put it on the first time. But be patient. You'll develop a habit of doing it easily sooner than you think!

You should possess the contact lens case and solution. Soak the lenses in lens solution for at least 2 to 3 hours and then remove them from the case. Since its now soaked well in the solution, it will have a higher chance of slipping easily in your eyes as it is slippery and wet. Below is the correct way of inserting a contact lens:

  1. Take out the lens and hold it the correct way

Wash your hands, dry them and then take out the lens. You need to ensure that you have the lens balanced on the index finger of your dominant hand. The correct way to hold the lens on your finger is to hold it in a way that its balanced on your fingertip curved OUTWARDS. Sometimes it is hard to tell whether the lens is curved outwards or not, especially for first timers. So, before moving on to the next step, inspect it carefully to determine whether it is correctly placed or not.

  1. Hold your eye open the right way

Now comes the part where you need to insert it in your eye. Lower your eyelid along with the eyelashes so that the lens does not get entangled or stuck in the eyelashes.

  1. Finally, insert it in your eye

Look up, so that the part of the eye where the lens is supposed to be placed is exposed and visible, and insert the contact lens gently. At this point, you’ll want to blink uncontrollably, but have just a little bit of patience. Obviously, you cannot control it completely, but try not to blink too much so that the lens can be correctly placed. If it comes out when you blink, this means it wasn’t placed correctly.

  1. Give it time to set in its position

Now, just keep your eyes closed for a few seconds to let it settle into its place. Then, check in the mirror to ensure its correctly placed.

  1. It is no secret that you need to do the same with the other eye!

Repeat the same process with your other eye and voila! You are done. You are finally ready to show off your new and enhanced look to the world. Go out there and rock it!

How to remove coloured contact lenses?

If you are a first timer, you are probably scared of removing your contact lenses. Well, not to worry as, like inserting contact lenses, this may seem like a difficult task, it is not that hard. Here’s a simple and easy tutorial for you on how to remove your contacts with ease!

  1. Some rules are the same!

You need to ensure your hands are clean and dry before removing your contact lenses similar to while inserting them. The cleaner your contacts remain, the higher the chance of them lasting their mentioned duration such as 6 months or a year.

  1. Hold the eye correctly

Pull your lower eyelid down and your upper eyelid up with your thumb and index finger so that both the lids are separated.

  1. Remove the lens

Pinch the lens with your index finger and thumb. This step may seem a bit hard at first, but doing this frequently will make you perfect. When you do this, you will feel the lens move a bit between the both of your fingers and this means you have been able to loosen it from its position.

  1. Take out the lens

Look upwards and the lens will now automatically come out onto your fingers. Put it in the lens case and pour solution so that it is washed off any impurities and remains clean.

  1. Repeat the same process with the other eye.

If you are unable to do it yourself, do not panic or get scared. Try again, or ask for help from someone. Also, we recommend that you get into a habit of inserting and removing the right or left eye first always, whichever you prefer. This way you will have less trouble remembering which lens is for the right eye and which one is for the left.

Why choose us? Well, at Halloween contacts, we offer a variety of coloured contact lenses at affordable rates without compromising on quality. 

  1. Vast variety of lenses with amazing designs and styles
  2. We buy from trusted and recognized sellers to provide you with the best quality product
  3. We provide fast delivery
  4. We have a variety of lens cases available so you cannot only customize your lenses but also your cases.
  5. We just do not provide you with lenses, but also give you information about how to use them, when to discard them and a lot of other information that may prove useful to you.

If you are looking for coloured contact lenses for a cosplay, comic con or any other event, get them from us and we assure you, you will come looking to buy more!

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