Read Before You Buy
Consult an ophthalmologist for getting a suitable fit choice for you.
Accept the parcel only if the pack is sealed properly.
Do not share your pair of lenses with anyone.
If you have queries, get them answered before buying.
Wash and rinse your hands with an oil-free soap. Dry them and then handle the lens with your fingertips. Do not use your nails.

Inserting lenses:
Take the lens (wet and clean) on the tip of your index finger, pull the lower lid of your eye with the same hand's middle finger. Use your other hand to hold the upper lid.
Look closely into the mirror and put the lens on the cornea.
Close your eyes and roll the lids gently.
Do not ever rub your eyes.

Removing lenses:
Hold the lower lid and drag the lens down with your index finger. Pick it up with the help of a thumb and take it out.

Makeup and Lens:
Lens should be inserted before applying makeup and should be removed before wiping it off.
Take good care of lenses while using perfume, hair spray, sunscreens, and nail polishes.

Looking after your lenses:
Pay regular visits to your oculist.
Wash your hands properly before using lenses.
Keep your lens clean with the solution.
Check and follow the instructions that come along the Halloween Contact Lenses.
Take good care of the storage box of lenses.
For non-routine usage like swimming, consult your practitioner first.
Do not use drops while wearing contact lenses.
For cleaning lenses, use the contact lenses solution only.
Do not smoke or sleep while lenses on.
Consult your optometrist immediately if you feel discomfort, pain, watery eyes, redness, light sensitivity, blurred vision, itching, or burning in eyes.

Terms and Conditions:
The company is not liable for any losses that occurred during the usage of the products.
Damages to the product after they are delivered are not our responsibility.
For Refunds Read our Returns Policy.
The customer has to agree that the associated risks are on his shoulders.
Read, agree, and continue with the order.

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It's your responsibility to understand Risks and Injuries related to use of our Contact Lenses. If your responsibility to use our product safely
and be aware of safe use. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us at before
buying or using our product.