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Vampires have been long associated with Halloween and gothic culture and are known to be the creatures of the dark who crave for blood to quench their thirst.  Halloween Contact Lenses offer a chilling range of vampire eye contacts that can ace the level of your awesomeness to an entirely different level. The blood-coloured eyes with pale white skin will surely make you look like blood thirsty killers.

Safety and comfort are our biggest concerns which is why we make sure that all our contact lenses are of high quality and are in compliance with the quality standards. Our wide range of lenses includes vampire contact lenses which can fulfill the unique façade of being a vampire. The wide collection of red, black and white coloured contact lenses are perfect to complement your vamp look for any cosplay, movie performance or simply to enjoy vamp lifestyle.

Our Halloween vampire contacts collection include zombie and Twilight inspired lenses that will make you look like an actual supernatural freak! The red-coloured vampire eye contacts give an ultimate blood thirsty look and that look can be achieved by getting the most popular Twilight Breaking Down contact lenses. Moreover, the Twilight range includes Twilight Bella orange coloured vampire eye contacts and Twilight Volturi Vampire lenses which are of stunning red colour and are designed uniquely.

Best Halloween Vampire Contacts For Punks & Freaks

For all those who desire a gothic and super freaky look on Halloween, you have come to the right place! Be it a vamp look or you want to pull off the walking dead look, our movie inspired vampire eye contacts are best sellers and hugely popular amongst goth models, cosplayers and horror freaks! If you seek to get your favourite horror movie character look then our vampire contact lenses collection will help you get your freak on!

Our Freshtone Halloween lens collection is KFDA approved and ISO certified, hence the quality of the lenses can be trusted while making the purchase through our website. With high water content and comfortable lenses, you can easily pull off your event with these freaky lenses and slay!

Top Vampire Lenses:

Here are the top and best-selling lenses designs that w have to offer:

Bella Contacts: Based on the renowned Twilight series, Bella character is loved by many! The golden orange-coloured lenses with black pupils are the talk of the town among Twilight fans and cosplayers.

Volturi Vamps: Volturi vampire eye contacts are hot sellers in the entire vamp lens collection and is inspired by the famous Twilight series. These are best used in different costume parties; horror plays and performances or at the occasion of the Halloween.

Zombie Lenses: White lenses are best to get an ultimate zombie or undead look. Inspired from The Walking Dead, Zombies or World War Z, these white zombie lenses are best to create an iconic zombie look and is best for cosplays.

If you are running out of inspirational ideas for this year’s Halloween or any costume party, then check out our freaky Halloween vampire contact lens collection and pick your favorite look to freak everybody out!

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