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Contact Lens Case

Contact Lens Case. Suitable for all lenses with maximum of 14.8 diameter. *Not suitable for 17mm and 22mm Sclera Lenses. Please refer to Sclera Lens Case Lens case colour May...
$3.49 $2.61

Contact Lens Solution & Case

Multi-Purpose Solution Travel Pack 60ml. Contents include 1 x 60 ml Multi-Purpose Solution and 1 x Contact lens case. *Not suitable for 17mm and 22mm Sclera Lenses. Please refer to...
$21.99 $16.50

Contact Lens Tweezer and Suction Kit

Includes 1 x Contact Lens Tweezer - 1 X Contact Lens suction stick. Please wash the plastic contact lens case for a few times before first use. Be careful while...
$4.50 $3.50

22MM Sclera Lens Case

Specially designed for Sclera lenses. These bigger lens storage units are perfect for storing your valuable Sclera lenses.
$5.29 $4.11

Ultra - Quick Sand Cosmetic Contact Lens Kit

Our Ultra Quick Sand Cosmetic Contact Lens Kit is fashionable Contact lens cosmetic kit. Perfect companion for your contact lenses. Small and easy to carry perfect for keeping your contact lens...
$25.00 $16.75

Premium Cosmetic Contact Lens Kit

Our Premium Cosmetic Contact Lens Kit is a perfect holder for all your Contact lens essentials. Suitable for outdoor activity and to use during travel. 1 x Tweezers 1 x Contact...
$17.00 $12.75

Contact Lenses Accessories - Cases and Solutions

No pair of lenses is complete unless it is not coupled with the right contact lens case or contact lens solution. A contact lens case ensures that your contact lenses are kept in a well-protected manner and is free from getting any kind of external damage. Whereas the right contact lens solution will ensure that your contact lens is free from all kinds of allergens and bacteria’s, so you do not get any sort of eye infection.

Explore a Variety of Contact Lenses Accessories with Us

We bring some of the best eye care contact lenses solutions to keep your eyes in perfect shape. You can now say goodbye to eye lenses related queries such as getting an eye infection or a bad itching problem.

The right solution will make sure that your contact lenses are free of any kind of bacterial infections.

What is more? We also urge our customers to discard contact lenses solution after a couple of uses because failure to discard contact lenses solution after usage can lead to contamination which can further result in giving way to dangerous eye-infections, cause eye-injury which can even lead to loss of vision. It is why we always urge our clients to follow these precautionary measures before using:

  • Discard the Solution from the Lenses Case after Every Usage
  • Store Contact Lens Solution in a Nominal Room Temperature
  • Seal the Bottle of Solution Tightly Shut After Every Time You Use It
  • Make Sure to Keep Track of the Expiry Date on your Contact Lens Solution
  • Keep the Solution for Up to 90 Days and Then Re-Use the New One

Get the Best Case to Ensure Maximum Safety of Your Contact Lenses

While solution is one thing, the right case will provide the maximum protection for your coloured eye contact lenses. A well-designed contact lens case will ensure that your contact lenses are kept in the safest possible manner, so it does not succumb to any safety issues. The right case will have the best solution in it where you can safely deposit your contact lenses after every use. It will be the best place to keep your contacts and it will provide the best care for your contacts as well so you can rest easily.

At Halloween Contact Lenses, we have a variety of contact lens cases for you to pick from.

Whether you are using coloured eye contacts, fancy dress contacts or your very own cosplay styled contacts, we have the perfect case to ensure that every lens you purchase from us stays secure in them for long.

Need the perfect lens care solution along with a case for your contacts, do not forget to purchase them.

No lens can be kept perfectly without the right accessories and we have them all for you.

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