Terms and Conditions

This page will tell you all about our terms and conditions. These terms and conditions are the ones on which we supply our products, as seen on the website of Halloween contact lenses. It is requested that you should read these terms and conditions carefully before you place any orders from our listed products. Please remember that whenever you purchase anything from our website, you automatically agree with all of our terms and conditions. You will find all our terms and conditions here at all times, which you can read and download.

About us:

We are a Halloween contact lenses company that sells many types of lenses.


  • Account means that you have an account on our website, which is used for placing orders on the site.
  • Breach of the duty: This indicates that a user has done something relating to our website, which is not legal and that reasonable care should be taken where law and regulations are concerned.
  • Business days: means the days on which business usually runs. Not weekends or any holidays.
  • Contract: means the order a customer places on our website, buying any of our products or services following the terms and conditions.
  • Customers: This means the people who make an account on your website and who place orders on it.
  • Liability: means a breach in the contract. Breach of duty, restitution, or any other causes of legal action. Anything that goes against the terms and conditions comes into a liability.
  • Orders: means anything a user purchases from our Halloween contact lenses shop.
  • You mean the users/customer who buys stuff from us.

Your status:

These terms and conditions are copyrighted and property of an intellectual. It is also used by third parties in case of commercial requirements of goods and services. Violation of the terms and conditions might lead to legal actions. When you place an order on our website, you accept that you are above 18 years of legal age and that you have a valid and legal eye prescription for buying prescription contacts and lenses.

Effects: these terms and conditions will apply to every order placed on our website, sold by us and delivered to our client. Whenever you place an order on our site, provide delivery details, and accept the products' delivery process, you automatically accept our terms and conditions. Any condition or issues you submit to us whether, in writing, oral, or by email, will be nullified until further notice. No other terms and conditions will be binding unless agreed and signed on by us.

How is the contract legalized?

No matter what price you have heard of a specific product, you will then be shown the correct amount once you decide to order it, which you will have to pay with the delivery charges and the GST (if applied). You need to pay the full price at the time of checkout if you are opting for bank options, but if you are choosing COD, you will have to pay the product's cost along with delivery charges. You can choose any payment method that applies to us. Before buying a product, it is your responsibility to check the latest terms and conditions for any change in the policies. Our site will not entertain any misunderstanding.

Your product will stay confirmed until you manually revoke or cancel it. It is also requested to provide proper contact and delivery details to the website at the time or order and submit any issues via customer care or email to us for consideration.

Right to terms and conditions:

We reserve every right to these terms and conditions. We can edit them and revoke them whenever the need arises. Using our website means you agree to these terms and conditions. We can also cancel any placed order if we suspect any fraud or risk to our company or website is legal and lawful terms.

We Only Provide Shipping with in Australia. Shipping Outside of Australia is not available. Lenses cannot be shipped to US addresses.

We may use your email address or phone number used for checkout to send you further updates about offers and events. You can OPT out anytime by emailing at support [at] halloweencontactlenses.com.au


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