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17MM Mini Sclera Red

2 Lenses as a pair Max Time Duration: 8 hours  Contains 38% water Diameter of lens: 17mm (approx.)  Sterile buffered isotonic saline packaging
$27.99 $21.00

Twilight Breaking Down

As fresh as a newly minted Vampire! Twilight Breaking Dawn Contact Lenses by Halloween Contact Lenses Australia are just that: contacts based on the famous movie Twilight: Breaking Dawn. They...
$27.99 $21.00

Vino Red

Specifications 2 Lenses as a pair Max Time Duration: 8 hours  Contains 38% water Diameter of lens: 14.5mm (approx.)  Sterile buffered isotonic saline packaging
$27.99 $21.00


Do you want to look tired and overworked? Give the impression of a botched eye surgery or a nasty eye infection to scare the bejeesus out of your friends, family...
$27.99 $21.00

Twilight Volturi Vampire

If you’re a fan of vampires, you’ll likely have heard of the Volturi, the vampire aristocracy. They’re the oldest vampires in the world and upholders of the law. Their strength...
$27.99 $21.00


  The most distinguishing feature in the Devil Contact Lenses is the huge vertical slit right in the middle of your eye. It’s hard to miss even from afar and...
$27.99 $21.00

Bloody Red

  Make them scream bloody murder! Bloody Red Contact Lenses by Halloween Contact Lenses Australia give your eyes the deepest shade of red color, as if every single nerve was...
$27.99 $21.00

Are you planning to attend your favorite Halloween party by becoming one of the scariest looking vampires or demons with bloodthirsty eyes? Then how about getting yourself a pair of red eye contact lenses that will automatically put you in the character you always desired. 

The Perfect Rey Eye Contact Lenses to Transform You Completely

Who doesn't love to become a vampire that has the most bloodthirsty look on the Halloween dance floor? Well guess what, with our perfect pair of red contacts, you will look like a vampire right out of some comic book. Whether you wish to become one of those flying vampires from Van Helsing, or you want to look like the Count Dracula, our red coloured contact lenses will give the perfect appeal to your eyes and make you one of the best looking blood sucking friendly fiends at the party. 

Whether you want to look like an assassin with a bloodthirsty look, or a devilish demon with the craziest red eyes, we have a variety of red eye contact lenses at our online store to go perfect with your costumes. Choose any of your favorite anime characters and our red eye contacts will make sure that you get into the character so perfectly that you actually have the same intense look as the anime character itself. Our red eye cosplay contacts are one of the finest giving you the most intense feel of the character you want to become this Halloween Season. 

We Offer a Variety of Red Eye Contact Lenses

It's not just the vast range of contacts that we are offering to our customers, but we have a lot of different variants including disposable and non-disposable coloured contact lenses. However, we always advise our clients to make sure that they change their lenses after every 90 days as a precautionary measure. 

As far as the life of the lens is concerned, it can extend as much as up to a whole complete year without a problem. We only deal with premium quality red halloween contact lenses which are available at a very reasonable price. Just come up to our lens store and purchase the one that fits your requirement. 

Do you find a red eye contact that interests you? Check out our other crazy contacts and fancy dress contacts to see different varieties that may interest you for good. 

Give your eyes a theatrical feel and engage with the audience like never before with the perfect red colored contact lenses. We offer a selection of interesting red eye contact wears that once worn, you won’t feel like taking them off until the party ends because they will give your face the best scary glow. Once you wear our contacts, you won’t look anything less than what a pop culture vampire may look like. In fact, with the perfect red eye colored contacts, you can even become the legendary Dracula from Van Helsing! Now isn’t that incredible? So how about you get your Halloween flash on with red eye contacts? 

Beautify your eyes in a way that you can mesmerize everyone with your perfect red eyes! 

Natural Red Contact Lenses to Make You Look BloodThirsty

We also have natural colored red eye contacts that will give you a bloodthirsty look. If you aren’t much of a fan of getting into the fictitious feel, try our natural red colored contacts which will add the perfect transparent red tinge to your natural colored eyes. They won’t make your eyes pop out like a vampire from a ghost story book, but they will still justify your presence as a fiend or a psychopath looking for murder. 

Are you planning to become a dark character such as the Bellatrix Lestrange from Harry Potter? Or Big Red Head Queen from Alice in Wonderland? How about you purchase a pair from the best red contact lenses sellers in australia.

Get our natural red contact lenses to get into your favorite dark character this season. 

Be the Life of the Party by Turning Your Eyes Demonically Red

Seeking to give your eyes a demonic twist, then don’t forget to check out our red eye contact lenses that will bring the best demon or devil look. Our collection of red contacts will provide you a variety of red eye contact lenses that will easily put you into the shoes of your favorite devilish character. Want to mesmerize the crowd with a deep red eye look? Purchase the best red eye contacts from our website. 


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