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Blind White

Imagine, Halloween is coming up and you do not want just any ordinary costume like last year, or the year before that. Instead you want to be extraordinary, you want...
$30.67 $23.00

White Out

White Out Contact Lenses Bright and vibrant eye colors; bottle green, electric blue, azure, hazel, amber, you have seemingly tried them all but none of these seem to fit your...
$30.67 $23.00

Glass White

Description / Features For eyes that shine like glass. The lenses have a superb fit and finish, with the contacts merging with your eyes perfectly, leaving no clue of what...
$30.67 $23.00

White Cat

Description / Features Cat got your tongue! White Cat Contact Lenses by Halloween Contact Lenses Australia are the perfect fix for any feline transfiguration. The lenses have a perfect fit...
$30.67 $23.00

Dead White

Details:• Brand: Freshtone• 1 Pair of Contact Lenses.• Wear for maximum of 8 hours• KFDA Approved – ISO 13485 Certified• Free Contact Lens Case with Six Monthly and Yearly Lens.• Manufactured...
$30.67 $23.00

White Coloured Contacts

With Halloween around the corner you must of looking out for accessories that can help you create ravishing looks which are unique and inspiring. So, if you don’t want to look ordinary and surprise people with your enthralling appearance, then get your hands on these bewitching white lenses.

These white contact lenses are extremely horrifying and hair raising. These are one of the creepiest options available at the moment. White eyes give you a very ghostly super natural look- which you can guess by various movie characters or anime characters. White the perfect option for you if you want the most horrifying look on your Halloween party or any other creepy costume party. White lens covers your pupil and makes your whole eye go white, it gives you a look, like that of a blind man or a dead man. These freaky white eye contacts won’t block your vision; hence they are safe enough to use for almost 8 hours. White-eyes can help you create several terrifying looks for your scary Halloween gathering and dazzling pranks. Both dark-eye coloured-people and light-eye-coloured people can wear these, as they assure to give you full coverage. It is a lot of fun scaring and playing around with people on occasions like Halloween and parties. If you are in for such kind of fun, then these white eye contacts should already be with you. If you want to become the heart-stopper and want people shrieking and running out of the door, then these white eye contacts are a perfect choice. These contacts are going to give you the best time, and with such creepy contacts, you don’t have to stress much about the outfit because with these lenses you are already scary enough. With all these fun features, these lenses are soft and gentle to eyes. So, you won’t regret wearing them while you enjoy yourself on Halloween eve.

With these creepy and heart-throbbing white eyes, you can be the scariest zombie, vampire, or spirit out there. You can create a number of head-turning looks along with them. These contacts will give you a very spooky look so you don’t have to worry much about your outfit because even a low key outfit will provide you with a terrifying look. All that you need to grab is a pair of these white eye contacts.

One of the freakiest looks you can achieve with them is of a clown; a colourful jumpsuit, black and red eye makeup and dark lip colour will make you the most haunted and horrifying clown. A zombie and vampire will also make people jump out of their seats. A haunted nurse can be awesomely created with these white eye contacts. A haunted spirit or bride can also be created with a pair of these white eye contacts. If you want to become a spooky ghost, all you need is blank white overall with drops of red paint and a fake knife in your hand along with a pair of these terrifying contacts. Just like these you can get inspiration from other haunting characters from movies and tv shows and create many other jaw-dropping characters

These lenses will automatically give your eyes a ghostly look and transform your face to the face of a supernatural figure. It will give your eyes an unusual, witty, witch and heart-wrenching look. These lenses can be worn for up to 8 hours maximum.

Note that they are soft and eye-friendly and will not cause any discomfort. Make sure you take them off before you go to sleep to prevent any chances of eye infection. While wearing them, make sure you stay away from direct heat and aerosol products. You should not wear them irresponsibly and carelessly. A creepy party is not worth losing your eyes, so make sure you have permission from your doctor or have the relevant experience yourself. You must follow all the necessary precautions and be extremely careful while using these contacts. These white lenses will give you your desired looks for Halloween event or any other spooky gathering. A little effort on your outfit along with these lenses will give you perfectly jaw-dropping look.

Let’s not forget to mention that these lenses come in various types according to usage, which includes one day use, one-month use, three months use and one-year use. Also, note that next day delivery is available in some areas of Australia, isn’t is exciting? So, hurry up and order yours now!


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