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22MM Full Eye Black Sclera

Full Eye Black Sclera Contact Lenses by Halloween Contact Lenses Australia give the impression of imposing a single, solid black color over your eyes, pupil, iris and all. These wide,...
$119.00 $89.25

17MM Mini Sclera Black - (Blind Lens with No Pupil Cut Out)

Details:• Brand: Freshtone• 1 Pair of Contact Lenses.• Wear for maximum of 8 hours• KFDA Approved – ISO 13485 Certified• Free Contact Lens Case with Six Monthly and Yearly Lens.• Manufactured...
$30.67 $23.00


There is darkness that lies in each and every one of us. Some might try to suppress it, or call it evil but what do they know? The universe is...
$30.67 $23.00

Black Super Natural

Details:• Brand: Freshtone• 1 Pair of Contact Lenses.• Wear for maximum of 8 hours• KFDA Approved – ISO 13485 Certified• Free Contact Lens Case with Six Monthly and Yearly Lens.• Manufactured...
$30.67 $23.00

Black Coloured Contacts

Lenses are the eye accessories of a great deal, especially when Halloween is around the corner. It gets hard to find the lenses that can help you create scary and creepy looks which compliment your make up and costume. But don’t worry because our black contact lenses have you covered! You’ll need nothing less and nothing more once you wear them and polish off your look with makeup and thrilling outfits.

These black lenses are an excellent choice for costume parties, Halloween event or your friend’s fun get-togethers. They cover your pupil and help you create a witty look. They can also turn you into a creepy supernatural or cartoon character. The best thing about these black lenses is that they give you an overall clever and modest look. They can be worn on many occasions; the most significant of which is Halloween without any doubt. But you can also wear them on a lot of informal parties and events. Hence you won’t regret buying them for a single occasion. These lenses are alluring for sure, but they do not give you an extremely horrifying look as you may expect. You might not raise hair with it out of fear, but you can create some very unusual, bewitching and creative looks with them. These lenses are a great idea for creating amazing looks that are minimal yet very enthralling.

You can create several eye-catching looks with these black contact lens for your Halloween party.  They are really gentle to use and has a soft texture which makes it very safe to use. They will give your eye an edgy look and dark makeup and a spooky outfit along with them will straight up make you a horror movie character, and you will be scaring people where ever you walk. A witch, zombie and vampire- all these characters are very creepy and can be fantastically created with these lenses. You can also go for a cat woman look for your Halloween event with these contacts if you wear a cat women jumpsuit outfit with them. A haunted nun is also a very horrifying option for this event that can be created with them. You can also opt for an abandoned haunted teenager; as they give you an uncanny yet adolescent look so, it’s the best option for a teenage get up. A killer vampire nurse is another petrifying look that can be created with these contacts. A saint, Satan, ghost, Devil, zombie, vampire, haunted bride, Devil, spirits, haunted school students are various get-up options that can be created with black cosmetic contacts. Everyone wants the best costume for their Halloween occasion these black contacts will help you create your best outfit and most mesmerizing look.

These black contact lenses promise to make your eyes look sharp, edgy and witty.  They will give your eyes and your face structure a powerful and impactful look which is definitely everything that you need on Halloween eve. With them, your eyes will look more noteworthy, and will surely make people stunned. These contact lens will help you create many get-ups which can make you look blunter and freaky. They also give your eyes a hint of anime eye’s characters- which is another reason to buy them.

These contact lenses are incredibly soft and gentle to eyes; that’s a promise. These lenses are a fragile object and should be handled and worn with necessary precautions. They can be easily worn for eight hours without causing you any irritation or making you feel uncomfortable. But if worn for a long time or sleep through they can cause high-risk infections and your eyes are not worth any harm due to a small carelessness. While wearing them, make sure you stay away from aerosol products and heat. If you feel an itchy sensation, irritation or feel uncomfortable, you should take them off as soon as possible. If you have sensitive eyes, you must consult your eye doctor before taking any steps. Make sure your hands are clean and germ-free, and you put the contact lens in your eyes with focus, care and keep in mind all the precaution. Contact lens helps you in getting your desired look. There is a variety of contact lens that makes you look terrific. Black contacts are perfect for creating captivating lenses on Halloween.

Let’s not forget to mention that these lenses come in various types according to usage, which includes one day use, one-month use, three months use and one-year use. Also, note that next day delivery is available in some areas of Australia, isn’t is exciting? So, hurry up and order yours now!

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