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The Ultimate 2021 Guide to White Contact Lenses

The Ultimate 2021 Guide to White Contact Lenses

Do you want a scary role in a play or want to dress up for Halloween? Or maybe you want to cosplay for a vampire or Zombie and the character you're depicting has white eyes. You can achieve any of it with a pair of white contact lenses considering how versatile they are, and you can portray any look from a white out ghost to a dead blind character.

Whether you are planning to go for a completely out-of-the-box transformation or just looking for an easy fix, here’s the ultimate 2021 guide to white contact lenses. So, leash the inner monster or oracle out and sport your favourite pair of white contacts.

What are the different types of white contact lenses?

There are a variety of white contact lenses. You can choose a pair that suits your purpose from whiteout contacts that give you a blind white look to patterned ones that help you execute some crazy, wild, and scary looks. Although there is an endless variety of white lenses, the three most popular types are discussed below:


Mesh contact lenses give coverage to the iris and pupil with a white grid-like pattern, that instantly creates an eerie look, projecting a whiteout effect as if there is no pupil. The best part is that it also works for the darker eye, though it is a cloudy, murky white which makes it even eerier than its natural colour. This is the perfect accessory to any scary Halloween costume.

If you are an expert MUA, these white lenses can add the extra oomph to your wonderful work of art, but in case you are not, no need to worry. Simple sexy makeup combined with white contacts and you will be ready to spook out anyone you come across.

You can add a stunning variation to the blind white contact lenses with a UV version. Wear them under a UV light, and a more sinisterly demonic side will be revealed.


Sclera lenses come in solid colours and they cover your iris completely. They change your eye colour to white in an instant. Are you wondering how you can see through these contacts? Well, there’s a whole on the pupil that allows you to see properly to a great extent.

Black sclera lenses yield a really menacing look. For instance, they make you look fully possessed without the black ring surrounding the iris. Rock on with this theme and sport the character of a zombie with an infected corpse.

If you dare to scare, then make full use of these sclera lenses to achieve a sinister look, like that of a witch doctor or an undead bride with glamorous makeup and blood and gore.

There are several other sclera lenses and full coverage lenses that you can choose from as per your requirement. You can match these contacts with a variety of scary looks whether it is a play, a YouTube video, or the most popular Halloween.

To enhance and make your looks extra-haunting, airbrush your blusher for over-the-top contouring to produce a ghostly and bony effect.


With the patterned style white contact lenses, you get a detailed pattern on the lens that sits right on your iris and lets you see through a tiny hole. You can execute any look with these uniquely styled lenses. Be it a deranged animal having blood-spattered iris to a dead Alice in Wonderland look, nothing is impossible. You can use them for a variety of other forms of expression through videos on Tik Tok to hardcore MUA experimentation on YouTube.

A look that you can ramp up with patterned white lenses is ethereal, yet the eerie look of the space queen. Simply put, you can have a lot of fun with patterned white contacts whether you want gore, glamour, or if you just want to look crazy good in your menacing costume.

To get a super weird look that can scare the daylights out of anyone, you can also wear different patterns of white lenses in each eye.

Final Word

It’s unimaginable how fantastic white contacts make you. You can get away with any scary look by just focusing on your eyes when you use these white lenses. The blanked-out look will make heads turn you will get noticed wherever you go. A pair of fully white contacts is a must-buy if you want the scariest looks and want to impress everyone in your contacts.
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