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4 Famous Characters That You Can Cosplay Using Black Contact Lenses!

4 Famous Characters That You Can Cosplay Using Black Contact Lenses!

There is a wide array of options when it's about coloured lenses but there’s no comparison of black lenses as they suit every skin tone and can be worn with anything. The fame of these lenses is associated with their flexibility and minimalist look. A lot of fashion influencers and TV stars prefer opting for black contacts rather than any other coloured lenses and the reasons are many.

Black colour has its own charm and no other lens can compete with their sophistication. It is also highly preferred by the gothic community as these lenses represent the darkness and despair like no other. So, one can’t simply underestimate the fame of dark lenses as they are currently one of the most demanded and best-selling lenses in the fashion world.

Cosplayers also have a thing for Black Contact Lenses, especially those who love to portray spooky characters. The reason is that black lenses convey the evilness and foster the darkness that lies within. So, there are numerous dark characters that can be cosplayed with these lenses like Egyptian mummies, vampires, zombies, and a lot more.

The fashionistas are also inclined toward wearing these lenses. The reasons are many but the primary feature is the simplicity and aesthetics of black lenses. The void darkness of eyes works very well with all sorts of makeup and no makeup as well. As for the skin tone, it really matters when choosing the contact lens but that’s not an issue if you opt for the black lens. That’s the beauty of black contacts as everyone can elevate their look by curating their eyes by wearing them.

Another amazing thing about black lenses is that you won’t find the basic ones. There are tons of options that fall under the black contacts category like full eye sclera, mini sclera, blind black, black web, and a lot more. A wide range of options in the black category makes this coloured contact much fantastic. That makes this specific family of lenses the best option for everyone who wants to ace their look and make their cosplay look realistic.

Considering the flawless beauty and features of black lenses, it is widely adopted by cosplayers as there are tons of characters that can be portrayed easily. We have gathered a list of some of the best characters from anime, series, and movies that you can cosplay by wearing these lenses and awestruck everyone:


The Boys have stormed the internet from its very first season. A unique portrayal of superheroes has gained quite attention and cosplaying the supes has been the latest interest among the fashionistas. If you want to join the same trend and express your love for this blockbuster series, then you can easily cosplay Stormfront. With a bob haircut, a similar outfit, and a basic black contact, you can rock the cosplay of Stormfront and become the limelight of the event.

Michael Myers

Who wouldn’t love to cosplay Michael Myers? The character itself is enough to give everyone shivers down the spine. Although it may take quite an effort to imitate this character but it will be worth it when you receive a truckload of compliments. But don’t forget to wear the mini sclera as those soulless eyes make the cosplay look horrific and fiery enough to attract attention. Apart from Michael Myers, you can cosplay several other characters by using black mini sclera.

Geralt of Rivia

Geralt of Rivia is one of the most popular game characters from The Witcher known for his bold personality and handsome look. Apart from his yellow eyes, you may have noticed how his eyes transform every time he consumes a potion. That’s a striking look achieved through full-eye black sclera lenses that shows the power running through his veins. You can easily mimic his prime look and storm the cosplay party with your own unmatched vibes.

Bizarro Supergirl

Comic geeks of Supergirl and fans of TV serials may remember the Bizarro Supergirl. A perfect doppelganger of Girl of Steel and a power-packed villain, the antagonist made quite a round among the DC fans for her spooky look. A lot of people tend to cosplay Supergirl and that’s sort of way too common these days. You can opt for Bizarro Supergirl and steal the show with your dark and creepy cosplay. Don’t forget to wear the full-eye black sclera as that’s the prime identity of her evil look.

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