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Blind White

Imagine, Halloween is coming up and you do not want just any ordinary costume like last year, or the year before that. Instead you want to be extraordinary, you want...
$30.67 $23.00

22MM Full Eye Black Sclera

Full Eye Black Sclera Contact Lenses by Halloween Contact Lenses Australia give the impression of imposing a single, solid black color over your eyes, pupil, iris and all. These wide,...
$118.67 $89.00

17MM Mini Sclera Red

Details:• Brand: Freshtone• 1 Pair of Contact Lenses.• Wear for maximum of 8 hours• KFDA Approved – ISO 13485 Certified• Free Contact Lens Case with Yearly Lens.• Instructions Included with Package•...
$37.33 $28.00

Blackout Halloween Contacts (Anime - Rock Lee)

There is darkness that lies in each and every one of us. Some might try to suppress it, or call it evil but what do they know? The universe is...
$30.67 $23.00

Wild Cat Contact Lenses (Anime - Orochimaru)

Eye of the Tiger Wild Cat Contact Lenses by Halloween Contact Lenses are the perfect match for any furry transformation. These lenses are so startling and lifelike that they will...
$30.67 $23.00

Bloody Red (Anime - Kurenai)

Make them scream bloody murder! Bloody Red Contact Lenses by Halloween Contact Lenses Australia give your eyes the deepest shade of red color, as if every single nerve was turned...
$30.67 $23.00

Violet Impression

2 Lenses as a pair Max Time Duration: 8 hours  Contains 38% water Diameter of lens: 14.5mm (approx.)  Sterile buffered isotonic saline packaging Instructions Included with Package Buy Cleaning Solution Here and...
$30.67 $23.00

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