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Whiteout Lenses for Small Eyes – Guide For This Halloween

Whiteout Lenses for Small Eyes – Guide For This Halloween

Small eyes are a trait found in many people all over the globe. Even though there is absolutely nothing wrong with having small eyes for they are just as beautiful as any other eye shape or color, these people do have to deal with a lot of problems that come with having a recessive trait. For example, the biggest problem people having small eyes face is having to wear specs, which make their eyes look even smaller because of which these people seem to opt for contact lenses.

There are countless myths about people having small eyes not being able to use contact lenses, but these are indeed just myths and have nothing to do with reality, which is very much different. People with small eyes can also wear any type of lenses they want. They just have to be a little more specific about the diameter of the lens while choosing it, so it fits more perfectly and gives them a perfect vision. In fact, everyone has the same size of eyeballs. It is just the eyelids' size that matters so, while it might be difficult to wear these lenses, it's not entirely impossible!

Tips for inserting and removing contact lenses in small eyes

Wearing contacts in small eyes may frustrate you in the beginning, but patience is the key to master the art of putting your lenses flawlessly. Some things that need to be kept in mind are being in a well-lit room, with a clean mirror close to your face, and washing your hands thoroughly before you pick up your contact lens. Making sure the lens' edges are turned upwards, insert them in your eye while holding your upper or lower eyelid with your other hand. Blink your eye a few times to fixate the lens on your iris. The same goes for removing the lens. Washing your hands and pinching it slightly will make it come out of your eye. It is advised to keep the lens in the prescribed lens solution and keep changing the solution often.

More about whiteout lenses and Halloween

There's no end to the possibilities that contact lenses provide in terms of colour and style. The spectra of colours that they come in are very wide. Every colour, every design, every kind, you name it they have it. White out contacts are one of the most loved contacts among the users due to their uniqueness and strangeness as well.

Sold like hot cakes near occasions such as Halloween, these lenses just do the trick when it comes to making you look scary. Halloween is the one occasion where everyone tries to look as eerie as possible in order to "scare the spirits away." Turning yourself into a scary movie or TV show character while playing with colours, makeup, and creativity is always considered extremely fun among people of all ages. Teenagers seem to enjoy this for the thrill that dressing up as someone else gives them, kids because they get candy, and adults well, they are always happy with a day off work.

Makeup Looks to create with whiteout lenses

Coming back to whiteout lenses, which not only make your eyes look soulless and spine chilling, they also put your whole outfit together in the best way possible. Given below are some really charming Halloween looks that you can create with the help of whiteout lenses.

  1. Sugar Skull Look

One of the most loved Halloween looks is The Sugar Skull Look. It's not very hard to achieve and is definitely worth all effort. After applying a good moisturizer or primer, put on white makeup all over your face. Fill in black face paint over your eyes, nose, and lips, mostly where the skull is hollow. Add flowers and ornaments to add colour to this look. And of course, to make the look seem complete and beautiful, don't forget to put in your white contact lenses.

  1. Werewolf Look

After shows like The Vampire Diaries and The Originals, mystical creatures like werewolves have been trending at Halloween. For a werewolf look, all you need to do is do your makeup like you normally do. Contour heavily to accentuate your cheekbones. Wear a burgundy lip. Add fake teeth and fake blood to look like you just attacked your recent prey. White contacts would pull this look together.

  1. Mermaid Look

Teenage girls often tend to go for looks that are sweet and appear cute as well. A mermaid look is not only perfect for Halloween but also checks in all the boxes for being a sweet and scary outfit. For achieving this look, you need to have a fishnet print on your forehead and around your eyes. Use the same colour for your eye shadow and go for a colored hair wig as well. The white contacts will make your eyes look bigger and give off a mystical vibe.

  1. The Zombie Look

The zombie look is probably the best look to achieve with the help of whiteout lenses due to the been-dead-from-a-thousand-years look that they give off. For a zombie makeover, you need to have pale skin and contour your bones a lot, in order to look frail and weak. Fake blood may come in handy, and you can also DIY some fake brains.

  1. Bloody Clown Look

Clowns are probably the only Halloween characters that will never go out of fashion. They're extremely scary to a majority of people. To achieve this look, you need to have white paint on your skin, a red nose, over lined lips, and a funky wig. To add spookiness to this look, you may add white contacts and fake blood.

There are certain occasions on which you can wear whiteout contact lenses like Halloween, carnivals, or costume parties on which you have to stand out and scare the crap out of people as well! Wearing white out contact lenses may help you look very unique and different from all the people around you. All in all, any look that you create with the help of white-out contact lenses is meant to rock the entire party.
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