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Want a Coloured Contact Lens That Looks Best with Your Next Halloween Costume?

Want a Coloured Contact Lens That Looks Best with Your Next Halloween Costume?

Halloween season is just around the corner and if you want to make the most of it, it's best that you buy a nice pair of contact lenses to complete your perfect Halloween look and feel.

Every halloween, we wear cool cosplay costumes, and while doing so we need to make sure that our eyes also match with the colour theme that we choose. If you’re planning to wear coloured contact lenses the next halloween, choosing the one that perfectly fits with your overall halloween dress can be a bit overwhelming. But, that’s exactly why we are here today, to help you understand what coloured lens will go best with which of your costumes. After all, we want to make sure that you stand a class-apart. 

You can either choose a lens theme that goes perfectly with your clothes, or a different colour theme that completes your halloween look. Here are a few coloured lens suggestions and how they can easily fit. 

Hazel Contacts

One of the highly versatile colours in contact lenses that can easily go with any type of costume are the hazel eye contact lenses. They fit perfectly with a variety of different costumes, so whether you want to become a witch on halloween or you wish to wear a catsuit, hazel eyes contact lenses can work wonderfully with just about any costume you plan on dawning this halloween season. Usually, we have seen people with dark hair color prefer wearing the Hazel contact lenses because they bring vibrancy. 

Planning to become Maleficent on the next coming halloween, Hazel contacts are the best choice.

Violet Contacts

Want to give a mesmerizing look and feel to your spooky ghost of frankenstein costume on the next halloween night, wear violet contacts to bring that spooky feel to a more sexy spooky feel. Other than the ghost look, they are a more unique looking pair of lenses and usually give an out-of-this-world experience. If you’re planning to become an alien, the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, Violet from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory or Ursula from The Little Mermaid, then violet coloured eye contacts are the best. 

Time to re-ignite that alien look & feel and win the crowd with the amazing violet contacts. 

Green Contacts

Green is more of a natural colour and works wonderfully with monster themes that are more close to nature. In fact, only 2% of contact lens wearers around the world prefer to wear this colour because it’s quite a bright contact lens colour which will definitely put the spotlight on you when you’re at the party. It is also a great coloured contact lens for those who are planning to become a witch on the next halloween. Other characters that we believe will go best with green contacts are medusa, The Hulk, Beetlejuice, Poison Ivy, a teenage mutant ninja turtle, Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy. 

Want to become any one of these characters at the next Halloween party, wear green contacts! 

Blue Contacts

Wearing a pair of blue lenses will make your eyes look like the ocean. Whoever will look into them would love to take a deeper delve to understand you better. They will also add a subtle mystique to your overall halloween costume. When wearing blue contacts, you can prefer to dress up like Alice from Wonderland, or you can choose to be a Cindrella; one way or the other, wearing blue contacts will make you closely resemble a princess. On the flip side, the dark blue hue will bring out the sad gloomy feel which will go best with costumes like Emily from Corpse Bride, a mermaid or Harley Quinn. 

Want to give yourself a dramatic feel on the next Halloween, then baby blue is your colour. 

Grey Contacts

Want to dress up as someone different than the rest of the crowd? How about becoming a character that’s more paler in look than the usual like a ghoul or a zombie, it’s best that you get yourself a pair of grey contact lenses. You can even choose any other mythical creature that fits best to your likings. For example, you can choose to be a vampire or a werewolf, or simply put, if you’re planning to put your act together of becoming a frankenstein, grey contacts are the best for your halloween costume. 

If you haven’t made up your mind about halloween yet, then get grey contacts as they go best with the usuals. 

Choose the Colour That Suits Your Personality? 

Finally, if you want a bit of my advice, I would like to say and this is a personal opinion, when choosing contacts, pick one that relates closely to your realities. It will bring the genuinity out in you. People these days crave authenticity and with the right colours, you will bring the best of who you’re in front of them. 

Automatically, if you’re a people pleaser, you will come in the spotlight and become quite noticeable. 

Be the star of the night by wearing the right coloured contact lenses.
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