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Trending Lenses Colours To Choose For Halloween

Trending Lenses Colours To Choose For Halloween

Halloween is coming! Have you thought of the costume dresses already? Do you have anything in mind as to which character you want to disguise as this year and scare people off? Speaking of costumes, you must never forget about the most important accessory that is essential to bring your character back to life! They are the coloured lens for Halloween as there is a wide range of different funky and crazy Halloween lenses that will help you achieve the required look.

Be it a zombie, witch, vampire, devil, cat, spider, snake or lizard, with the amazing coloured lenses you can make yourself look different from others and slay throughout the entire night with ghastly stare.  There is a chance that you remind people of the old zombie movies with white lenses or give a demonic look by wearing black coloured contacts and freak everyone around you!

Here are some top colours of lenses that you can try to obtain the looks you like for Halloween:

Red Coloured Contact Lenses

Seeking to give yourself a blood thirsty vampire as shown in the movies? Go for the red coloured Twilight coloured contact lenses and create a close enough vampire look. You can even turn yourself into Count Dracula attire by wearing the red coloured contact lenses, fangs and a long black cape! The red lenses are pretty common and is worn by many to complete their vampire costume!

Black Contact Lenses

Planning to go all spooky and creepy this Halloween- seeking a big-eye look as shown in the Grudge movie? Check out the black contact lenses collection where you will also find sclera lenses that will make your eyes go all black! Perfect black eye contacts to help you achieve a demonic, possessed or witchy look! Black coloured contacts can be worn at the Halloween or any cosplay party and you can create a totally different and unique look from the rest of the crowd.

White Contact Lenses

Don’t want to be scary but want to look all nice and saint? How about check out white coloured contacts and become the angel you want! Moreover, if you want to look all scary and ghastly, then white lenses will help you become a walking dead zombie and you can have the perfect eyes to freak others. 

Yellow Contact Lenses

Inspired by the Avatar character? Give full yellow sclera contact lenses and give your eyes a full yellow coverage look and ace up your costume game! 

Green Contact Lenses

Become the witch that you want to be and scare others off with your magic spells. Achieve the complete witch look with the green contact lenses and that old dress and a broomstick! A totally easy and spooky look to pull off seamlessly.

However, if you want to become a mermaid, even then these green lenses are going to be your life saver as they will give you the ultimate look that you desire and be a mermaid.

Gold Contact Lenses

Want to get eyes as Edward Cullen? Or want to achieve a wild cat glare? The golden coloured contact lenses bring out the kinkiness and make an impression on your overall costume. These lenses will totally slay if you pair them with freaky looking fangs, white face powder and have some splash of fake blood on your face. 

Undead Grey Contact Lenses

To achieve a real-like zombie look you can do pretty much everything with grey, white or black contact lenses. Pair these crazy Halloween lenses with an old pair of shirts, pants with some fake blood on them and add a little powder on your ruffled hair to give a messier look. Start growling on the streets late at night and scare the hell out of others as they run for their lives!

Blue Contact Lenses

Blue coloured lenses can do magic with your costume at Halloween. You can do both spooky and mystical looks with blue coloured lenses. You can either become a white walker from the most favourite HBO series Game of Thrones, or you can become a cute elf and slay your costume for Halloween night or costume party!

Sclera Halloween Contact Lenses

Sclera contact lenses cover the entire part of your eyes and once you put them on, they will change the look of your face entirely. You will feel that your eyes look like a spooky and horrifying creature from any horror or supernatural movie. Black coloured contact lenses will give a completely dark and goth look, however, if you want to go subtle you can choose from pure grey, platinum grey, pearl grey or cool grey to give a striking and shivering look to your Halloween costume. 

Black eye contacts are surely going to give an alluring look that will linger; however, you can opt for any other colour, tone, design or style from the Halloween coloured contact lenses according to your choice!

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