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Top Tips To Wear Coloured Contact Lenses On Wedding Day

Top Tips To Wear Coloured Contact Lenses On Wedding Day

Those women are super lucky who have coloured eyes by birth. They wouldn’t want to go through the hassle of changing their eyes colour to some ordinary coloured lens. They probably don’t even wear too much eye makeup as their eyes are already so pretty. When girls have basic eye colour such as black or dark brown they want to try something new or some different colour to make themselves look prettier, especially if it is their wedding day. 

This one is for all those women who want to enhance their eyes and choose bridal lens for the big day, here are some tips that you must follow before wearing coloured contact lenses at your wedding.

Tip 1: 

Go For A Trial Run:

If you haven’t tried lenses before, even the normal ones, then it is important that you give the lens a trial at least 2 to 3 times before your wedding day. This is so that you get used to them and you feel absolutely comfortable throughout the entire time. Sometimes the lenses take time to adjust or you might feel a bit different, therefore you must start trying them on at least a couple of weeks before the big day. 

Tip 2:

Wear The Lens On Your Own

This might sound absurd but never let anyone else put those contact lenses in your eyes.  Practise wearing them on your own with clean hands. Obviously, you wouldn’t want your makeup artist poking her nails into your eyes if the lens isn’t settled properly. Your eyes might get watery or even red. However, you must know how to put on the lens and you must be a pro by the time your big day arrives. Don’t panic or be hesitant, just trust yourself and you got this!

Tip 3:

Always Wear A Fresh Pair

If you have been using coloured contact lenses before then it is going to be pretty easy for you to put them on while becoming a pretty bride. You must keep a fresh pair of lenses for the wedding which aren’t used or touched before. Do not use old lenses because you don’t want to experience any kind of discomfort or red eye situation on your big day.

Tip 4:

A Spare Is A Must

We hear different incidents that the lens falls out and then just disappears or if any mishap occurs and you lose the lens. What can be done in such situations? It is important you keep a spare pair of coloured contact lenses handy with you so that if any such instance happens you can quickly use the spare pair before anyone else notices. This might sound like a big deal but when it happens, it might become a panicky situation as there are loads of things going on at the same time. The best thing is to keep a spare pair at all times.

Tip 5:

Lens Solution Is All You Need

Do not ever go for the sealed pack lens which has lens solution in it on your wedding day. What if something happens and you lose the solution from the packet, and then what will you do? This will be nothing but an ultimate nightmare. It is best to keep lens solution with you when you are wearing coloured contact lens so you can clean them properly before wearing and taking them off. 

Tip 6:

Wear Lens Before The Makeup 

It is natural that your eyes become a bit watery when you wear the lens as you poke your eyes, so do not worry about this. However, once makeup is applied you wouldn’t want to wear the lens as you might ruin your makeup with the runny eyes. This is why it is suggested that you always wear your contact lens before your MUA begins the makeup. This way, you can settle the lens and give your eyes some time and sit peacefully throughout the makeup session.

Tip 7:

Inform Your MUA About The Lens

You must make sure that the makeup artist knows you will be wearing contact lenses at your wedding so that they know which products to use to keep your eyes safe. Like you would want to stay away from the powdery eye shades or having eyeliner applied on the inner lid of the eyes. To avoid any sort of discomfort, let your MUA know you are wearing lenses to have a smooth makeup experience whilst wearing your lenses.

Tip 8:

Backup Plan

It is not necessary that people who wear glasses can use clear contact lens; they can also wear coloured contact lenses. However, it is essential that you must not forget your glasses at home in all the wedding excitement. To avoid any last moment surprises, keep your glasses with you so you do not face any sort of trouble if anything goes south with your lenses.

Make sure to follow all these simple tips on wearing coloured contact lenses on your wedding day so that your memorable day isn’t ruined and you get to enjoy and cherish each and every moment as a pretty bride!

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