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Choosing Bridal Lenses For Your Big Day

Choosing Bridal Lenses For Your Big Day

Lenses are used and popular for various reasons. Many people find them comfortable as compared to the eye glasses while others enjoy wearing them as a fashion accessory. The coloured lens has a great impact on wearers’ skin tone and hair colour and has a varied effect on different people.

Lenses can be a savior for the brides as it can help them look more confident, glamourous and radiant on her big day. Not every woman has a habit of wearing lenses but choosing the best quality lens will help them overcome the hesitation of wearing contact lenses. If a bride-to-be is thinking of wearing lenses on her big day, then she must get used to them and start trying to wear them a month prior to the wedding and must go for the good quality lens which are KFDA approved and ISO certified.

However, coloured contact lenses have become a part of makeovers and many girls like to wear contact lenses on their weddings to look different and beautiful. They want to look outstanding throughout the day and also want their wedding photos to look mesmerising.

A coloured lens can be chosen according to your bridal dress. You can go with a subtle tone that can add attractiveness and looks absolutely natural. The top colours for bridal coloured contact lenses are hazel, brown, blue, green, gray and pink.

When choosing lenses colours, it must match with your wedding outfit and makeup to give yourself an outstanding look. Moreover, you must choose a colour that adds depth to your eyes and look vibrant in the photos as well.

Here are some colour examples that brides must choose for lens on their wedding:

Gray Contact Lenses:

Gray lenses come in two tone shades and give a realistic look that look totally natural and unique. They blend in with your actual eye colour and give a lighter and cooler look to your eyes in a natural way. These lenses look best if you are wearing a white, off-white or silver wedding dress along with a deep coloured eye makeup.

Pink Contact Lenses:

The two-toned pink-purple lenses will give your eyes a mix of brown purple and violet purple. These lenses will look extraordinary if you are wearing a light pink or violet wedding gown along with the pink subtle makeup.

Lavender Grey Lenses:

Planning to change the natural colour of eyes on your wedding day? Then be daring enough to choose a different colour such as lavender gray as it will give your eyes a completely enhanced look. Lavender gray lenses come in tri tones and it kind of allows your eyes to look through them. This purple tone of contact lenses never looked so natural. If you have black natural eye colour then these intense tones of violets will blend perfectly with your eyes and will change your overall appearance whilst making you look extra classic.

Light Blue Lenses:

Light blue contact lenses will give you a dreamy look on your wedding day and will make your appearance look more subtle and dramatic. These lenses look amazing if you choose to go with subtle makeup along with white or blue coloured wedding dress.

Hazel Lenses:

Hazel eye colour is rare naturally but if you want to look different on your big day then you can choose hazel-coloured lenses that will enhance your beauty. Pairing up hazel eyes with light makeup will never go wrong and by using the tones of peach, pink or orange as blushes you will look more like a goddess especially if it is a day-time wedding.

Dark Blue Lenses:

Dark blue lenses look amazing if you are planning to go for a dewy bridal look. If you have black-coloured eyes then dark blue lens colour will pop out and give your appearance an extra glamourous look. Dark blue-coloured lenses will match perfectly with dark or light coloured wedding dress and you can even go with the subtle or bolder makeup look according to your choice.

Taking Care of Coloured Contact Lenses During Makeup:

Make sure to let your makeup artist know that you will be wearing lenses for your wedding. It is best that you wear lens before applying the makeup so the MUA makes sure that they do not use oil-based mascara or put inner eye liner to avoid blurry vision or any sort of discomfort. Moreover, ensure that you do not put extra heavy fake eye lashes so that your eyes do not get uncomfortable at any time.

Pro Tips:

  • To achieve a beautiful look while choosing the coloured contact lenses you must ensure the quality and safety of the aesthetic lenses.
  • Look for lens colour that goes with your actual eye colour.

Make sure the makeup matches with the lens colour as it adds more depth to your appearance and also get a wedding dress of the same colour so that you achieve a classic and unique look on your big memorable day.

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