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Top Coloured Contact Lenses To Match Your Hair Colour

Top Coloured Contact Lenses To Match Your Hair Colour

People always wish to enhance their looks or create a different look, they always opt for different ways and using coloured contact lens is one of them. There are hundreds of contact lenses are available in different hues and shades like green, blue, purple, grey, brown, black, red, white etc. Due to having plenty of options now, it is easier to buy lenses, but when you decide to spend some money on them, there are few things you must keep on the mind in order to look elegant. 

Are you a makeup freak and you feel that your overall look is more meh’ than mesmerising in various events, as your coloured contact lenses do not match your hair colour. Let us help you to opt for best option of coloured contacts to match with your hair.

If we talk about hair styling, it is always easy to upgrade our strands through any colour, a new bun or braid, but choosing the right shade of coloured contacts in very crucial as it could add a vibrant element to your overall look. The choice of colour in lenses according to the hair colour will actually make or break your final look.

The Blonde Shade

Usually, people who have blonde hair actually have blue or green eyes which actually enhance their overall looks. Still if you have blonde hair and you want to change your eye colour you can opt for both light and dark blue coloured lenses but usually baby blues will look great. It will give a more striking look. Blue eyes have always been favourite by many people. The other shade of coloured contact lens that goes with the blonde hair is bright green; it also offers a lighter look. But go for lighter greens or brighter ones not the deeper shades. Chocolate, black, dark brown, honey or violet will look super-hot as these hues result in a pretty and slightly magical look that is sure to make a statement and turn heads in events. 

The Red Hair

For the red hair, green contact lenses are great. It gives a magical electric effect and this contrast will enhance your overall look especially the facial features. Dark shade always works well with light shade same goes with hair and eye colours. If you have dark red hair then choose light green coloured lens and choose darker tones of green with light red hair because it will brighten your face more clearly. Alternatively, hazel or grey shades are also a good choice if you don’t like as it still offers a striking contrast.

Brunette or Brown Hair

If you have brown hair, then sky is the limit. You have a choice of almost all the shades and colours of lenses! You will look magical and elegant in any coloured lenses. As in red hair same rule goes with brown colour too if you have dark brown hair, go for light-coloured lenses like the different hues of shade honey. And if you have deep brown hair, go for hazel or grey coloured ones. This way you can keep trying a broad range of colours. But keep in mind that the coloured contact lenses must suit your skin tone as well! 

Brown hair colour is recognised as a versatile colour, it will not be wrong to say almost any colour in contact lenses will offer a natural and magical look. You can easily amplify your look. Hazel, honey, light brown, chocolate, black, blue, violet, green, and lilac will undoubtedly supplement your hair colour and will give an extra vibrance to your face. The combination of brown with bright eyes will definitely give an electric look.

Black Hair

Just like blonde, for black hair you should opt for a more vivid shade of eye lens so that your eyes are prominent and popped. Shades of blue, green, and honey coloured contact lens will work magically on black hair. It is because it will create a striking effect with the contrast of eyes and hair. If you are more of natural person, you can even go for black or brown coloured lenses. The bright colours of blue like icy blue, and ocean blue, or grey colour will look great. The black hair works as a perfect backdrop to almost any eye colour, so the contrast coloured lenses will look stunning on you. A combination of cool toned shades of lenses like violet, purple or grey with black hair will look perfect, as they stand out in such a unique way.

With black hair you can opt for a light or dark shade, the colour always creates a statement. Usually shades of blue and green are more popular for black hair, as your main goal is to give your friends as much pop as possible. Darker shades in lenses will give a more vibrant and different look.
Darker shades or brighter colour whichever is your choice, make sure to get the high-quality coloured contact lenses!
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