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Top 3 Halloween 2020 Looks You Can Get While Being Yourself

Top 3 Halloween 2020 Looks You Can Get While Being Yourself

Get ready for the Halloween 2020 with these simple DIY ideas that would cost less yet are sophisticated and classy with minimalistic efforts. What have you thought about your get-up this year? Is it an old school vampire look or are you becoming a grim with an ax? If none of these and you’ve still got no idea yet, then fret not because we have got you covered. Stop focusing on the cliché characters that everyone has tried out over the years, instead try something different. Here are a few ideas that you can try out this Halloween and show your darkest side to the universe.

The Dead Version of Yourself

Have you ever thought how would you look if you were dead and were coming back from the grave? If not, then this is exactly what you should consider for an iconic 2020 Halloween costume. Not only you would look different, but there would be minimalistic efforts and not very heavy make-up as well. All you have to do is, just choose a dream dress or suit that you would want to wear. It can be of any colour. Or you can even wear your daily casuals. For the make-up, give yourself an embalmed look and for the dead eyes, pair it with Black contact lenses. Don’t forget to cover the exposed skin and your hands with the ivory foundation. Moreover, finish up by doing your nails with deadly nail art and Voila! You are ready for a great Halloween Party with the least exertion and hassle-free costume while being the center of attention with the most unique Halloween look. 

Make Your Live Caricature

Couple’s caricatures and animated pictures on the gift cards and wedding cards are trending these days. Have you ever thought to turn yourself into an animation? If not, then this idea would be one of the best and only one of its kinds for Halloween this year. You won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on your costume, nor will you have to go to a professional artist for this. You can do this at the ease of your home and within a friendly budget. Things you will need include contact lenses, make-up highlighter, and basic cosmetics. First of all, know how you will look like an animated personality. You can do that easily through hundreds of applications available online. Once you get an idea, you are set to apply that look on your face. Use a black pencil to enhance the lines of your facial lines, for example, forehead lines and laugh lines. Once you are done, then get the highlighter and apply to the areas where the light will reflect. Use colourful contact lenses to give your eyes an animated feel. For the costume, choose any of your favorite outfits. If you want to get fancier, you can pair your animated look with a fancy gear by applying anime lines with the fabric colour. 

Half Demon and Half-Human 

Give your inner grim a chance as well to experience the night of horror, while you enjoy the night simultaneously. Every human has a dark side in them, no matter how good that person is. Paint half of your face with the wildest concept of yin and yang. To achieve this look, take one side of your face and paint it red or black, get white contact lenses and wear one from a pair. Draw the darkest symbol that you think represents you on that painted side. For example, take half of the Illuminati triangle and place it in a way that your eye comes in the middle of that symbol. For the attire, choose a sleeveless black hoodie and take the hood on your head. Pair it with fashionable black jeans and classy Chelsea boots. Finish up your look with a shiny steel chain in your neck and wear a grim finger ring or nail on either of the sides that you identify as your demonic side. Moreover, if you have a piercing you can choose an earring or if your ear is not pierced still you can complete your look with a clip-on earring available in the market. For a fancier look, top up with a nose ring and get a temporary tattoo on your evil arm. 

These were the top 3 looks that you can get while being yourself. Dressing up as different comic and animated characters is what has been happening for decades. Start a trend and become a fashion example that you don’t always have to follow the trends. Sometimes less is unique. Not only these ideas are budget-friendly and easy but they will give you a trendy 2020 Halloween look with minimum to no efforts.
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