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Sheer Joy Of Looking Scary With Sclera Contact Lenses

Sheer Joy Of Looking Scary With Sclera Contact Lenses

Ever wondered what a pair of coloured contact lenses can do to your entire personality?

Here is what you need to know to give your entire fancy dress party a sensational look just by using a pair of coloured contact lenses. The best part about coloured lenses is that they transform you completely. When you plan on choosing the funky or scary lenses then keep in mind that you have to throw away the idea of being ‘normal’.

 A Whole New Look!

Fancy dress parties or cosplay parties are a whole big deal nowadays and people actually start preparing in advance about what character they want to play and which costume would suit them better. Moreover, they are also very much concerned about getting into the character without any compromise so makeup and accessories are also an essential part of helping one get into the exact character that they want to portray. Speaking of accessories, coloured contact lenses have a huge buzz as they come in different colours and designs such as sclera contact lenses and other types of Halloween lenses. Contact lenses make dress-up much more fun and interesting as they give you the exact look you would want.

These little wonders are adored by many and to obtain the exact look of your favourite TV star, villain, movie star or superhero, these eye accessories work as the special ingredient to complete your fancy dress look. Coloured lenses and especially sclera contact lenses have created a new world of cosplay and fancy dress parties.

Sclera Contact Lenses- A New & Unique Breed

Coloured eye contacts have expanded so much in their designs and colours that fans have now plenty of different options to choose from.  They want to look as scary or as freaky as possible to get into their favourite character as possible. Black and white contact lenses are starting to appear in different fans looks as these lenses allow you to get the ultimate scary and ghastly look. Fans love wearing white or black coloured contact lenses, especially during the Halloween season.

People love to try new and different things that can make them look different from the rest at the fancy dress or cosplay. This is the reason that black and white sclera contact lenses have become a special need for all such fans. Be it a zombie, witch or vampire outfit, pairing it up with these freaky coloured sclera contact lenses lets you achieve your costume goals.

The vampire characters are known for having one eye colour which means preparing a set of dead scary eyes. That is possible if you pop in crazy coloured sclera contact lenses and voila, you are all set for your night of ghastly stares.

When you plan on wearing sclera contact lenses for the Halloween or fancy dress party, you must ensure a few things to get a memorable look.

  • The outfit must be spot on to complement sclera contact lenses in black or white colour.
  • Eye makeup should stand out and makes those lenses look unique on your face.
  • The viewer must look into your eyes and then your face.
  • Play around with different freaky lenses that will accentuate your eye look.

A good outfit matters a lot but you can always go the extra mile if you work on your make-up and eye accessories. Try and contrast with your looks. If you choose to wear dark coloured clothes while becoming a vampire then you must go with white mesh or sclera contact lenses. Splattering fake blood on your face with fully white eyes is going to be a total knockout. You will look much eerier wearing those white contact lenses as compared to someone else who is wearing the same outfit but without coloured lenses. Similar is the case is with light coloured clothes. For instance, if you want to become a zombie, then you can go for lighter coloured clothes but pair them up with black sclera contact lenses to achieve the desired look. Splash some fake blood and dirt on your clothes and hair and make yourself appear as if you have been eating human brains and gnarling all night long.

You must always make sure that whichever contact lenses you opt for; must be of top quality and brand. You can find different options online with a huge variety to select according to the occasion or character. Whether you are looking for white, red or black lenses you will find every colour in different designs offered by top brands to help you create the sensational look for your next party!

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