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Rock a Creepy Christmas Party with Sclera Lenses

Rock a Creepy Christmas Party with Sclera Lenses

Jingle bells, jingle bells,

Jingle all the way.

After Halloween, the most exciting party of the year is the Christmas party. The holiday season is almost here and it means FUN and PARTY! Usually, we experience the best Holiday season on Christmas. Christmas is all about the best decorations, the best food, the best music, the best presents and family traditions. No, that’s not all Christmas, it’s about getting into this festive spirit by dressing up! You must be planning to wear the traditional Christmas jumpers or Santa’s hat this year too, but will this not make you too modest? Christmas is about looking unique. It is a special season of sharing joy and love after a year full of difficulties. Why not try something exclusive to add a bit of sparkle when you make your family Christmas cards or going to a Christmas party? Get rid of the old red and white frocks, shirts or dreadful green Christmas sweaters; why not some famous movie characters to create your Christmas look coupled with a pair of creepy sclera contact lenses? We have made this possible for you to make use of these scariest and creepiest lenses even during the Christmas holidays and make a new family tradition. Let this Holiday season to be rocking and creepy, get yourself sporting unique Christmas costume this festive time of year!

You have always fantasized to dress like the characters in the movies to bring out the Christmas spirit even more. Well, now you have the chance. Scroll below to discover our creepy range of Christmas costume ideas that you can create with a lot of sparkle and a lot of dazzle. People will startle at you when you walk into the party. So get ready to Jingle those bells, shake that sack and spread the magical cheer right up until New Year.

Broken Nutcracker

Bring a Creepy Christmas alive. It can be a fun project to do. If you want to do a Christmas theme but more on the creepy side the character of Nutcracker should be your first choice. Watching The Nutcracker Ballet is one of the oldest Christmas traditions enjoyed by all. Stand out in the party by bringing the story of The Nutcracker to life. Complete the look of broken Nutcracker by using 17mm Mini Sclera black lens.


You cannot have a spooky Christmas without Krampus!! Add Krampus on the list of creepy characters of Christmas. The look of Krampus can be tricky because of its zee horns and pointy teeth. Krampus is the ancient demon who punishes those who are without the Christmas spirit. So save yourself, and show some spirit this festive!!! Dress up this Christmas as Krampus and take your costume to the next level by using Black Sclera lenses to give more depth to the eyes.


Because we all love the Grinch. Feeling a bit grumpy about the Christmas? If you're thinking about stealing Christmas to make it go away, maybe you'll want to dress up as the Grinch for the holidays. Steal the show with a costume of mean Grinch. The costume is pretty simple the requires only a onesie, a red hat, some green makeup and a pair of yellow Sclera lenses to complete the look of this mean character from the movie How the Grinch stole Christmas. Or simply you can buy a Grinch mask and add a pair of green lenses.

Vixen the Reindeer

Do you recall the most famous reindeer of all? Go for the darker creepier Reindeer look instead of Rudolph. Vixen has turned into evil by Mad-Reindeer disease. Grab a pair of 22mm Black Sclera contact lenses to match the evil side of Vixen perfectly. With this costume you will definitely get a kick out of scaring your family and friends.


Have a Gremlins Christmas!!! Travel straight from the 80’s by creating the wickedly cute look of Gizmo the Gremlin with some brown makeup and a pair of sclera lenses. Gazimo is adorable with furry face, round belly, and huge ears and you wouldn't mind snuggling with one every night, but no he is one of the mischievous creature of world. This costume will sure to be a hit with the crowds.

Jack Skellington

While you’re enjoying the cute Gazimo, how about enjoying a pumpkin King Jack Skelington’s costume. The full black Sclera lenses would also suit nicely for this character of the movie The Nightmare before Christmas.

Jack Frost

Who knew the Snowman could be so spooky?  The winter season is incomplete without a Snowman. The layers of ice and snow covering the ground and rooftops bring joy and happiness. But don not forget the darkest side of this Holiday season. Get ready to meet the character of a wicked snowman Jack Frost. Create this bone chilling and vicious snowman with some white cream paint on face paired with a pair of Black sclera lenses.
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