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Matching Coloured Contact Lenses & Makeup Looks

Matching Coloured Contact Lenses & Makeup Looks

No matter what time of the year it is, but festivities and celebrations are always there to enjoy and dress up! Whether it is any holiday or a special occasion in the family, it is best to be prepared and ready for any sort of gathering. Amid the chaos of choosing the best outfit for the occasion let’s not forget an accessory that can give your entire appearance an uplift! Choosing the perfect coloured contact lenses can make you look elegant and altogether different.

Here are some top makeup ideas that you can try with different coloured contact lenses and will make you look absolutely chic!

Blue Coloured Contact Lenses

Widely used coloured lens are the blue lenses, if you choose blue lens for your eyes then you must do your makeup accordingly. Smokey eye makeup with fresh and dark shades will make your eyes outstanding and will flawlessly complement the blue lenses in your eyes. With silver shimmer blended with deep purple or navy eye shadow, you will end up having the perfect smokey eyes that will brighten up your entire face. Perfectly blended smokey eye makeup will give your blue eyes a flawless and smooth look. Sounds fascinating, doesn’t it! How about you give it a try?

Green Coloured Contact Lenses

If you opt for green coloured contact lenses then the makeup must be warmer tones. Green coloured eyes have a warm hint of brown and gold therefore makeup must be something similar. Bronze shades of eyes and face will accentuate the look of green coloured lens. Matte bronze shades are best to give your skin a warm look and give enough room for your eye makeup to look outstanding. Go with shades of pink or purple to uplift your eye makeup along with those green coloured eyes!

Brown Coloured Contact Lenses

Brown is a common colour, even when it comes to choosing the colour for your contact lenses. Smart move is how you complement it with your makeup and get it done right! Depending upon the shades of brown you choose for your lenses, you have to do the eye makeup accordingly. It could either be light, medium or dark brown. Light brown lens will go perfect with yellow or any other bright colour shade as it will highlight your eyes. Makeup shades worth trying with medium brown lenses are either blue or green because they will enhance the shade of your eye lens. If you are thinking to try dark brown coloured lens then the makeup must be neutral so it can complement the shades of brown flawlessly.

Hazel Coloured Contact Lenses

Classic black smokey eyes can never go wrong with hazel coloured eyes! The natural shades of this eye makeup can pop out the perfect colour of light coloured eyes. This will give a contrast to your eyes making your hazel eyes look elegant and vivid.

Blue Coloured Contact Lenses

Thinking to try something different with your eyes and want an entirely different look for your eye colour then go for green and blue contact lenses. This shade of eye colour can add a dramatic effect if you put on deeper shades of purple eye makeup. Purple colour with bold hues can add a beautiful effect and extra warmth to your face. If you prefer something softer or subtle, then choose shades of pink to match your lenses. By perfect blending of makeup, you can manage to give your green and blue eyes a deep and beautiful look. If there is day time event that you have to attend then these shades of lenses and makeup will make you look absolutely glamourous.

Grey Coloured Contact Lenses

Grey coloured lenses are totally classic and such colour of the eye changes the overall look of your personality. Tones of orange can easily make your grey coloured eyes focused and stupendous. Whilst doing your makeup, you have plenty of options to choose from. You can go with copper, peach, brown or bright orange for your eyes. These colours bring the tones of blue in grey lenses pop out and make them look extra! Adding pale blue shimmer will only make your eyes brighter and grab attention. If you opt for something softer or neutral, then you have coral colours to play with. Not forgetting to mention that the combination of black and silver eye makeup looks bomb with grey eyes, especially if you have a grand evening ahead.

Choosing The Perfect Coloured Contact Lenses:

Before you try out any makeup look with the lenses you buy for yourself make sure to consider the colour of your hair and skin. This will help you achieve the kind of look you seek for yourself- could be either a dramatic, neutral, subtle or a bolder look.

So go right ahead and try out these different coloured lenses with amazing makeup combinations that will add extra glam and class that you can flaunt with confidence. Bear in mind that every colour might not suit your personality so best that you try the coloured lenses first and then go for the makeup looks that you love!

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