Top Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Coloured Lenses This Halloween
By Halloween Contact Lenses

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Great Tips to Avoid Looking Tacky in Coloured Eye Contacts
By Aditya Chauhan


Keep it natural, honey!

Keep it natural, honey!

Natural honey is rare, you know. All we get is those processed…

Oh, wait there is a comma.

O-Oopies D-Daisies (sorry about the stutter – it symbolizes my dumbness)

In the Year minus 1, there was queen named D whose tantrums became unbearable to her own people, so they started calling her the drama queen. History (at least the fake one) is weird, right. 

Have you ever heard of anyone being called the ‘Ordinary Queen’? 


A little bump for your daily life

Often, people think that coloured contact lenses are occasion-specific (no, Rebecca sleeping is not an occasion to wear contacts). Although coloured contact lenses are worn for aesthetic purposes – mostly by anime wack-a-doodles who are trying to awaken their powers – you can still wear at home. 

Yes, Halloween parties are where your eyes need to have that extra effect but who said you couldn’t wear while doing the dishes or scrolling Netflix?

You don’t believe me. I have proof.

Visit the following text (readjust spectacles to act smart):

The unspoken, unheard law of Halloween contact lenses in subsection E, article Y, paragraph 3 states that:

 ‘Any human in possession of coloured contact lenses has the liberty to wear them outside Halloween parties. There is no penalization except in the following conditions:

  1. Wearing coloured contact lenses for a duration longer than 8 hours.
  2. Falling asleep with contact lenses (THIS IS CRIME PUNSIHABLE BY DEATH).

There is a lot of other fuzzy jargon, but I am going to stop you right here. 

One must obey the law

Now you are committing treason (or a normal crime) if you are not letting your eyes be crisp all the time?

Yes, life can be full of tantrums. We all follow Susan on twitter to know enough about little struggles (and complains about the littlest inconvenience). Unlike Susan, it is often helpful to smile through adversities and what could buff your smile more than a pair of stark coloured contact lenses just enough to establish your eyes as alpha?

Perfect coloured contacts for everyday use

There are many natural colours for eyes and coloured contact lenses have unique way of buffing eyes of any colour (yeah, no discrimination based on colour). Your eye colour matters. 

Most commonly, there are brown eyes, blue eyes, some have got hazel or amber eyes. Some even have those rare grey or green eyes. The first step is to create two zones. Dark tone or light tone?

Either your eyes have thick, dark shade or they may incline towards a light tone. For the people with bold eye colours, go for something opaque like brown or black coloured contact lenses.

Dark eyes

Opaqueness will help your already-bold eye tint assume dominance and wicker you up. Subtle tints may not work as nicely as the opaque ones.

Light eyes 

For the people with light tones, choose the soft coloured contact lenses. My green-eyed mate is going to rock with some grey coloured contact lenses or blue coloured contact lenses. It will be like yummy pizza with a pinch of chilli flakes. Oo, yum (the pizza & your eyes)!

Different eyes

Like yin & yang, you could turn the steering wheel a one-eighty degree. Trying different eye colours while yours remain whatever it is behind the delicate curtain of our carefully crafted coloured contact lens. Watery blue or aural green – you the king of your world.

Watch out for the lens police

All the fun experiments on your biological colours aside, your eyes need more than just aesthetics. Taking proper care of your eye health is as important as flexing about your new eye colour. If you are planning to wear contacts everyday (which you can & should), try to take them off every 8 hours. 

The lens police are always taking a sample of your eye oxygen, if found low you will be jailed in the i-Prison (not the Apple one). 

Your beautiful eyes need loads of oxygen so be sure to let them breathe. Remember, they are helping deal with the conundrums of life so you reward them by being extra nice to your eyes (do not be too nice or they will think you need a favour). 

Have fun with Halloween Contact Lenses

Your go-to lens place is offering a diverse range of natural colours, browse our store for a quality experience today.

Smile, select & stack your eye with natural colours now!

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