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By Aditya Chauhan




As we know, fashion evolves and changes every week. But many of the things are repetitive from the past like the scarf folding techniques and minor ones. One such thing that has been on the hot seat these days is Black Contact Lenses.

Just to be clear, these are not your ordinary corrective lenses, but these are designed for mere fashion purposes. These contact lenses completely change the look of your eyes making them more pretty and color oriented. You can also combine this with the color scheme of your entire suit.

There are several options for black contact lenses available in the fashion market these days. However, the most famous one is "Black Sclera" contact lenses that cover most of the eye with a shiny and classy black color. 

Black-colored contact lenses are specifically popular around Halloween days. They give a whole new magical feeling to your Halloween costume. The black-colored ones especially go with the Dracula costumes and witch costumes.

However, many people combine these with their black outfits and dresses to give out an entirely different and goth-y vibe. For different colored iris, there are “Gothic” black contact lenses that cover the iris for the people who have bright colored iris-like grey, green, etc. 

These black contact lenses have been on the hot seat for a couple of weeks. It gives one an unexpected look in the eye that is magical to feel at parties and even in the workplace.

How to wear your new contact lenses

We know that getting used to your new contact lenses for fashion purposes is not an easy job at first. It can hurt and cause severe pain if done wrong and can also cause allergy and eye damage. But don't you worry here are some tips and tricks to use while putting on your contact lenses.

  • Always remember to wash your hands before putting on your lenses. Any form of dust on the lens will irritate the eye.
  • Always store your contact lenses in the contact lens case and solution. 
  • Always remember to clean your contact lenses regularly every two to three days. For that place, the lens in the palm of your hand, place few drops of fresh solution, and rub it gently with your index finger.
  • It is advised to use disposable lenses as they are much easier to use.  You can just throw them away after every use, but they are a bit expensive.
  • You should never share your contact lenses with anyone.
  • You should always insert your lenses before applying any kind of makeup. Or you can end up ruining your lenses with makeup.
  • Only use lenses for the length of time recommended by the doctor.
  • If your feel any kind of irritation or pain after applying lenses, you should immediately get rid of them and contact your optometrist.
  • Always purchase contact lenses of the correct size otherwise they can cause pain and don't even look good

By following these tips, you can easily use black contact lenses for fashion. 

Where to Wear Your New Contact Lenses?

The real question arrives when one starts to wonder where to wear his/her new contact lenses. Well, if we talk about the color, the new black colored contact lenses can go with any of your Halloween dresses. Whether it be a fancy, sleek-looking witch costume or a Dracula who is going to haunt the party, black-colored contact lenses will certainly enhance your Halloween look by a considerable factor.

According to fashion critics, black eye contacts go well with almost all black dresses. Be it matt black, shiny black, or dull black. Black contact lenses enhance your black outlook. Fashion wear grooms have been seen wearing them in the new groom catalogs. 

One certainly wants to have a decent black look with an unexpected catch in the eye by black contact lenses on his wedding day. Black contact lenses certainly go with any of the groom tuxes out there. You can also add black shoes to your outfit for the final touch.

Black contact lenses leave a great impression when you meet new people. Psychology says that wearing black leaves a positive impact on every first timer you meet. Since we see black color throughout most of the day, it relates everything to the first impression and makes a person fond of us.

That is the reason black-colored eye contacts are the most common one. We recommend wearing your black contact lenses if you're going on a date and looking for a green signal. You can also wear them on your dream job interview for a positive impact on your boss.


Black contact lenses have returned in fashion once again. They are very easy to wear but one should take all the precautionary measures. You can wear them with your Halloween costumes to spice up your look. Remember to wear them if you want to leave a positive impact on the person you meet. The unexpected catch in the eye with black contact lenses gives you a magical feeling that is priceless.

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