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Hollywood’s Leading Ladies – The Secret Behind their Glamorous Eyes Revealed!

Hollywood’s Leading Ladies – The Secret Behind their Glamorous Eyes Revealed!

Hollywood celebrities are no stranger to coloured contact lenses as they have to wear them for different roles. Especially when it comes to the horror genre, Black Sclera 22MM Contact Lenses, many actors have been seen wearing them for various roles. 

Colour contacts have gained even more popularity as a trending fashion, and Hollywood stars are also responding to this rising trend, especially at galas and red carpets. 

Here's an electrifying roundup of some of the most gorgeous leading ladies from Hollywood whose secret for glamorous eyes is due to the coloured contacts.


A trendsetter for the trendsetters, Kylie Jenner's eyes are a beautiful, light brown. But it was the blue coloured contact lenses that gave her a stunning transformation. Since then, Kylie Jenner's blue has become a thing just like Marylin Monroe's red.


When it comes to vampire characters, the actors are always familiar with unique coloured lenses. Nina Dobrev from The Vampire Diaries loves expressing herself with colours both on and off-screen. She loves experimenting with new colours and keeps revamping her style and appearance with a striking colour in her eyes. 


It wouldn't be fair to talk about beauty and fashion, but leave Selena Gomez out of it. Her natural browns may have broken Beiber's heart for more than a decade, but this key player in the panache and beauty is always ready to experiment. And with her stunning appearance in Victoria's Secret Fashion, wearing the grey-blue contacts was a breath of fresh air. This unique colour added elegance and chic to Selena's style – a long way away from being a Disney Sweetheart. 


Bubblegum pink skies, skin-tight bodysuits in leopard print! Who comes to mind? Of course, none other than Nicki Minaj. If you want to know what genuine carefree fun looks like, look at this female rapper as she personifies it perfectly. When this wild beauty sports a dazzling pair of blue contacts, it complements her outlandish signature style.


Another celebrity who has expressive eyes as the perfect attribute to her charming features is Vanessa Hudgens. She has luscious brown eyes accentuated by deliciously curved eyelashes. You would think that such looks cannot be enhanced any further, right? No doubt, these brown peepers are striking on their own, but add a touch of blue, and you wouldn't be able to take your eyes off this incredible beauty. 


Just like Kylie Jenner's blue, Tyra Banks's deep gaze is also a signature feature. You can lose yourself in the beautiful depth of these naturally light-coloured eyes. Although enough to make anyone stop in their tracks, Tyra is famous for enhancing the thrilling peepers with a variety of coloured contacts.


Are you surprised to see the name above in the list of contact lenses? Almost all of us have grown up believing that these deep blue eyes come naturally to the socialite and celebrity Paris Hilton. One of your celebrity trivia's biggest secrets is now revealed – Paris Hilton has a beautiful brown colour naturally. 

The reason why her eyes seem naturally blue is that it is said that her contacts are custom-made for her. 


This rocking celebrity introduced circle lenses with thick limbal rings to the Western world with Bad Romance in her hit video in 2010. She's seen sporting large circle lenses that give her eyes larger than life appearance. The perfect image with which she reigned at the top of all charts. 


Known for platinum buzzcut and voluptuous curves, Amber Rose is a diva who has a chameleon-like style. She can rock opposites in fashion with equal ease. From a masculine, designed blazer to a bare midriff and a crop-top, this beauty flaunts all the styles effortlessly. This quality goes for her eye colour too. Amber constantly changes her eye colours and prefers the colours blue, hazel, and grey that give her a stunning yet chic and classy appearance at the same time. 

Celebrities Setting Trends

Hollywood has long been a fashion hub, and many beauty trends have emerged from the star-studded industry. If you are looking for inspiration, you don't need to rely on customized lenses like Paris Hilton. With a pair of blue coloured contacts like Kylie Jenner's blue, you can also up the glam game and transform from drab to glam instantly.

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