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Halloween Fun with the Super Amazing Teen Titans

Halloween Fun with the Super Amazing Teen Titans

A “teen titans” is an American animated show about a group of teen superheroes, which have defeated powerful hooligans and to be world conquerors. The team of these young souls gave every child hope that they are special too. Let’s go down that magical memory lane again and become the teen titans for this Halloween night. If you are ready, then let us get to the dress-up part.


Robin was a student and server of the most renowned superhero, Batman. He is a born leader and the main protagonist of the show. His heroic acts and selfless deeds have made him the chief of the group of teen titans. If you wish to take his avatar this Halloween then gets your costume ready. For the attire, you will need metallic silver ankle-high boots, tight and glossy grass green gloves to the elbow, and the same colour skin tight leggings. For the top, get the basic green t-shirt underneath and wear a bright red armored vest. If you don’t find it anywhere, you can also cut the sleeves of your red t-shirt and wear it over your green shirt. Don’t forget to make an “R” symbol on the right side of your vest. Complete your look with a cape, black from outside, and yellow from the inside. For the accessories, you’ll need a yellow belt and domino shaped mask. However, Robin’s eyes were always white, which is why wear a pair of whiteout contacts and match his look. Also, cover the brown area of your face with white colour and spike up your black hair. If you are too skinny, then wear a muscle costume inside your outfit as Robin had athletic built. 


Starfire is a cute cheerful red-haired girl who is new on the planet Earth. She belongs to an Alien family and is unaware of the earth’s customs and language. Due to her naïve nature and unaware of earthly rituals and idioms, she confuses a lot of things, for example, she calls the shopping mall, “the mall of shopping” etc. Moreover, she also became the girlfriend of Robin during the season finale. If you wish to dress-up like her, then you won’t need to do much. Her whole costume is in the combination of violet and metallic silver colour, so you will not have much hassle. Get a sleeveless crop top and a stem stalk skirt in light purple colour. Go for the same colour thigh-high boots and wear white stockings underneath. Get a silver collar and metallic wristband length till the elbows and embellish a green stone on all the three pieces. If you can get it, also wear an armband like Starfire. If you already have long hair then just dye it temporarily red but if you want, you can also go for a red wig with long locks.  Complete your look by giving your eyes Japanese touch. When Starfire used to bring out her inner power to defeat the bad guys, her eyes used to get sclera white. So get blind white Halloween contacts and bring out your inner Starfire powers this Hallow-eve. 


Raven is somewhat a hybrid of human and demon. She is shown as a dark character and the most mysterious one too, throughout the series. Though she may appear moody and stubborn, but, she is an intelligent and nerdy girl. Her appearance is of a typical modern goth female. For Raven’s outfit match, you’ll need a blackish-blue or navy blue leotard with full sleeves, dark blue cape with a hood, and a black eye mask. To match her eye colour, black Halloween contacts would look amazing. Pair your whole outfit with ruffled ankle boots in blue colour and with black sole. Moreover, you will also need a waistband made of golden plates embellished with a red stone on each plate. If you can’t find this accessory from anywhere, you can also DIY it. Just take cardboard and cut it into several circles. Paint them gold and get a red stone and place them on each of the plates. Tie the circles through the thread and your Raven waistband would be ready. Use one circle to attach it to your robe as well.  

There are other two awesome superhero characters from the teen titans group which you can choose to become. They are Beast Boy and Cyborg, if none of the above three suits your personality. The Beast boy is a green elf-like character and is a jokester of the group, whereas Cyborg is a smart, funny, and lively robot. For Cyborg you’ll need a robotic suit and Halloween witheout contact lenses for the eyes. As far as Beast boy is concerned, colour your body and face green, wear elf ears, and black and purple gear.
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