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Fruity make-up for Halloween 2020

Fruity make-up for Halloween 2020

If you have got a separate fandom for fruits, and wish to know how you would look if you were your favorite fruit, then here are some great and easy to do fruity costume ideas which you will not only love, but you will look great as well. Let’s get to the top 5 easy fruit make-up ideas for Halloween.

Turn Yourself into A Sweet, Juicy Watermelon

This fruit is perfect for those who have a naturally round face cut. However, if you don’t, you can still get that circular effect through concealer and foundation. For those who wish to look classy and elegant, then don’t go for cliché make-up by turning your whole face into red or green colour. Instead, keep a simple glam look and bring all the attention towards your eyes. Create a watermelon eye mask. Use scarlet as your base colour and border it with glittery green eye shadow. To give yourself a scary Halloween look, wear blackout contacts, and complete your look with a bright red and green dress. For a more artsy look get watermelon shape accessories, or you can easily DIY them as well.  

An Apple on Hallow-Eve Keep All Ghosts Away

It was an apple that caused the fall of Adam from heaven. Turning yourself into this controversial fruit would be an amazing idea. Draw an apple tree on half of your face. On the other half of your faces use apple’s shades to cover your face, instead of drawing a full apple. This 50-50 look will surely look unique and stylish. Top it up with a shimmery green or dark red lipstick. You will look exquisite if you already have dark green or hazel eye colour naturally, but if you don’t, then you can always go for Halloween contact lenses available online in various shades. For the costume, wear a scarlet jumpsuit and add a vampire collar for that sinister look you want to achieve for the night. 

A Cherry Queen Always Remains at The Top 

If you love the sweet and sour taste of cherry, then you will love to dress up as this sweet & sour fruit. To achieve the look of a majestic cherry queen, first, transform your face into a skeleton face. Once you’ve done that, don’t forget to keep the tone of your skin cherry red. Use a blush and make-up highlighter to bring a glittery glow on your face. And sclera contact lenses would make your eyes look perfect for the get-up. Use artificial cherries to make a DIY crown or get it from any accessory shop and complete your appearance. If you can wear an off-shoulder top, then illustrate branches of cherry blossom trees on your neck-line till your shoulder. As far as the outfit is concerned, wear a white shimmery dress and add a scarlet cape with it. For a royal look, wear a choker decorated with rubies or Carmine coloured stones and finish it up with blood-red high heels.

 A Blueberry Plant Comes to Life

Disguise as a blueberry plant for Halloween 2020 and trick those who don’t give you a good treat. You won’t need any special attire; all you will need is a black gown with a hood. Your main focus would be on your face and hands. For your face; firstly, use a navy blue and dark purple eyeshadow and cover the whole area. Once you’ve done that, with the help of silicon, stick small bunches of artificial blueberries all over your face and fingers. But keep the eye area dark and glittery and use a black lipstick for your lips. Top up your blueberry plant look by creating a DIY thin long branch of artificial berries with a rope and tie it loosely around yourself.

Rock the Night of Halloween In Simple Kiwi Look

If you are planning on transforming yourself into a kiwi, then here is a cool idea for you. Don’t go too fancy because sometimes the simplest look can put you into a spotlight. You don’t have to do much, just get your green shaded make-up palette and your work is done. Put emerald eye shadow, and make sure that you give it a dramatic look. Then dot your eyelids with silver dots. Complete your eye-makeup by adding a winged liner. Put Kohl as well if you are comfortable and you will be done with your eyes. For your lips, use a dark green lipstick shade and draw tiny seeds on the vermilion border and put green eyeshade on your cheeks instead of common blush and lightly brush lose shimmer powder all over your face for a glam shine. If you want, you can also use temporary hair to colour your hair in the kiwi-coloured dye.

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