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Fashionistas Who Are Rocking Black Contact Lenses Trend!

Fashionistas Who Are Rocking Black Contact Lenses Trend!

Black Contact Lenses have been in trend for a long time and are being embraced by countless fashion enthusiasts as these budget-friendly beauty products enhance the beautiful features to the utmost. People wear them whenever they need to cosplay, visit a fashion show, or just look glamorous in everyday life. So, the popularity of black lenses has skyrocketed in the past few years and become an essential product for those who aim to be fashion icons.

While watching movies, you may have noticed that several actors like Henry Cavil in The Witcher and Rami Malek in Mr Robot rock their look in black contacts whilst the natural eye colours vary. That’s how the lenses gained quick recognition as the fans started to adopt the same trend. Thus, countless Instagram fashion influencers showcased their sophisticated look by wearing these black deep lenses and the trend continued to grow.

It is pertinent to mention that you are not just limited to basic Black Contact Lenses as there are tons of options available in different textures. For instance, Blind Black, Black Spiral Halloween Contacts, Black Sclera, and Black Dragon Eye Halloween Contacts, are some of the best-selling contact lenses that are widely preferred by the audience when it is about wearing black contacts.

If you are also willing to hop into this trend and make a charming statement, then you will find plenty of mesmerising options to choose from. But before you start shopping for them, you should take inspiration from some of the influencers to make sure that you are walking down the right path. A minor slip can take a toll on your overall efforts. So, following a fashion icon can make the work effortless as you will get to know what kind of lenses and makeup will compliment your personality.

There are plenty of fashion icons on Instagram that you can follow to get advice and inspiration. There are some who love to leverage the latest trends like wearing coloured lenses so those are the ones you need to follow. Don’t worry about searching Instagram looking for the best fashion influencers out there as we bring you the best ones right here. All you need is to go through the following section and you are all set to find those fashionistas that should be on your Instagram following list:

Kinpatsu Cosplay

Renowned digital creator Tayla is widely known as Kinpatsu Cosplay on Instagram. She is acclaimed by millions of people for handcrafting exceptional cosplays like Jessie, Raphtalia, Raven, Alexstrasza, and many characters that seem impossible to adopt. The best thing is that she offers tutorial books to her followers that contain complete guides about cosplaying. However, the notable feature of her cosplays is that she makes use of coloured lenses smartly to connect better with the character. You can take inspiration from some of her cosplays in black lenses and update your fashion statement accordingly.


Huda Kattan is one of the leading makeup artists and bloggers on Instagram who’s got more than 50 million fans following. Her makeup products are famous all across the world and acclaimed by the top models. That’s not all, she also leverages her Instagram presence by giving makeup inspirations to her fans by sharing clips and snaps of wearing the latest makeup complemented by coloured lenses. Unquestionably, she is one of the trendsetters in the fashion industry so it’s a must for you to have her on the following list to get insight into what’s best with the coloured contact lenses for you.


Laiba Zaid is an eminent Canadian influencer who took the fashion industry by storm. The secret to her success is that she knows her way around playing with coloured lenses and makeup. Not just that, she has a YouTube channel where the detailed tutorials are shared to help fashion enthusiasts maintain an alluring statement. She has a detailed video on her YouTube channel about coloured contacts that are a must-have to watch if you are opting for black lenses and following her on Instagram will help you to get a quick insight on the makeup ideas to combine with lenses.

Jade Valkyrie

Jade is a woman of colour cosplayer whose unique makeup skills make her a well-acclaimed icon in the world of fashion. She knows how to complement Black Contact Lenses with makeup and ace the look. Thus, you should start following her for inspiration if you also want to rock the trend of wearing black contacts. She often posts snippets of cosplays which will also give your great ideas for Halloween parties.
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