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Halloween Contact Lenses

Dress Up as Classic Famous Horror Cinema Characters from the Past that Still Impress

Halloween is incomplete without dressing up, without trick-or-treating or Jack-o-lanterns. The main theme of the night is spooky, scary, and frightening. There are endless inspirations when you think about Halloween costumes. Still, who can be better than the iconic characters from classic horror cinema to give you some inspiration? Some of these famous characters are spooky, sinister, and terrifying, but they do not gore. From the flowing, sexy gowns to sinister looks, and Sclera Full Eye Contact Lenses, these costume ideas are perfect to grace any Halloween festivity. Discussed below are some of the most famously spooky and scary characters of all time. 

The Addams Family

How can we not talk about The Addams Family when it comes to classic horror cinema? Addams's family has considered the official Halloween family and every day at their mansion are full of creepy horrors. The best part about this costume inspiration is that the whole family can dress up as different characters. Or couples can take some inspiration and express their sinister side. 


If you are a woman, Morticia is an excellent choice for you. Dark and glamorous, this iconic character is easy to replicate but it is her sinister smile that needs to be copied to get the true essence of the character. All you need is long and flowing dresses, and skirts and a corset to define your beautiful, sexy curves. With a curtained hairstyle parted in the center and shiny, straight black hair flowing down, pale face with well-defined contours, and bright red lipstick is the iconic style of Morticia. Smoky eye makeup, mascara, and grey-toned contact lenses are mandatory for her style. 


May be sexy is not your thing or it is your younger sister that you want to be dressed up. Wednesday is the perfectly creepy character. For her attire, first of all, you need is a knee-length black colored dress with a white lacy collar. Very girlish, right? Not when it comes to creepily cute Wednesday. Her old-fashioned collar and her two pigtails radiate an ominous vibe, and she has the potential to stir things up when they are into ghosting mode with a knife. After all, psychopaths are no different from us in any way. To imitate her looks, create a base with an ivory colored foundation. Make a widow’s peak with black on her forehead. Apply some nude eye shadow on the lids, followed by a thick black outline with a liquid liner. Lots of kohl in the bottom inner eye and heavy mascara along with Black Contact Lenses with an ominous expression is Wednesday Adams for you. Conclude the whole look with charcoal black lipstick!


Men or even women can copy the polite, smooth, and zealous gentleman named Gomez who is a Spanish descendant. It’s actually quite easy to replicate the style and looks of this suave gentleman. Pinstriped clothes, slick hairstyles and a cigar in one hand define this gentleman.  To make your character really come to life on the night of all Hallows Eve, memorize some extravagant and outrageously romantic pick-up lines, and equally smooth compliments, Gomez is ready to go join the hunt.  

Mistress of the Dark - Elvira

Flawless skin, dramatic eyeliner, teased black hair, and deep red lipstick – that’s Elvira for you. Inspired by the original queen of scream, Vampire, Elvira’s looks are all about drama and a lot of cleavages. The deeper the cut down front, the better. Her sarcastic humor, lots of skin, and black mini define her.  

If you are inspired to dress like this queen of horror and sarcasm, a black dress with a revealing neckline and a dress with a slit skirt to her waist is necessary. To finalize the look, buy fishnet stockings and wear black stilettos. Hair teased into a big black is something that you need not worry about. 

'The Craft' - Nancy 

Nancy is the iconic character from cult classic ‘The Craft’ played by Fairuza Balk’s captured her archetypal style that was a delightful mash-up between modern gothic and 90’s grit. For the makeup, you will need thick, dark eyeliner and dark eyes that can be replicated with the help of Blackout Contact Lenses.  This makeup complements her dark apparel, like cardigans, boots, and other retro stuff. 

To copy Nancy, the witch’s style, you will need a button-down white shirt, leather jacket (biker’s style), and plaid school-girl skirt. Gothic earrings, dark, heavy makeup, a nose-ring, black nail color and dark, deep red lipstick, or even better black lip color with ankle-length boots are perfect for this look.

These are just some of the most iconic and quintessential characters that give you loads of inspiration. These are some of the best and most popular characters that have inspired other characters in the cinema and TV as well.
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