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All the costumes require a lot of effort and details, there’s the scary mask, the hairdo, and the most crucial part is the perfect costume makeup. But that doesn't mean making a DIY zombie costume has to be thorny; instead dressing up as a zombie can be a lot of fun. If you are a fan of horror movies and shows, you must have noticed that the scariest eyes from characters and creatures in the shows and movies are white eyes and the most popular ones are zombie's eyes. Zombies are always ideal characters for parties, conventions, and events, and are ideal for anyone looking to create the horrific blind-eyed appearance of the menacing zombies from the movies and TV shows like The Walking Dead series.

Are you ready to freak out your friends with some super scary costumes? Looking for a chance to go with the wilder side of yourself and wonder if you are going to look good? We have got your back, and have brought some amazing DIY zombie look ideas that you can create without worrying about how good you will look. You can also complete all these looks with a set of blind contact lenses and get the party look started.

A General Guide to Zombie Makeup

Well, you must have been confused as to how to turn yourself into one of the above-mentioned characters using what you have at home. Worry not; follow these simple steps to transform into a super scary zombie.

You do not need some fancy makeup items for the zombie look but some simple makeup that you use in routines. You will require some face moisturiser, face paint, eye shadow palette, eyeliners, blind contact lenses, food colouring, petroleum jelly or hair oil, and liquid latex.

Use eyeshades in browns and nudes to dirty up the shirts. Add some red food colouring to give bloodstains on the shirt and body. Coming to the face makeup, first of all use the same black, brown, and burgundy eyeshades from the eye shadow palette that you used on the t-shirt, and work this into different crevices on your face, neckline, and shoulder to give yourself a half-dead look. Incorporate some deep purple and green shades around your eyes to show bruises and a light grey shade on the lips.

Apply 2 to 3 layers of liquid latex around the mouth area, forehead, neck, and shoulders to give realistic zombie wounds. Use brown and burgundy eyeshades to give a deepened effect to the wounds. Pour some hair oil to make them sticky or look unwashed since ages, and add some gel food colouring or fake blood to fill up the wounds. Ta-da you are good to go!

  1. Simple Zombie Outfit
    Start your gruesome transformation with a craft knife and some red food colouring. Stain your shirt with food colour and finish your look with some stick-on nails or fake teeth, and a set of white blind contact lenses. You’re sure to get heads turning at your next Halloween party or cosplay event.
  2. A Disney’s Movie Zombie
    Channel your inner zombie with the look of zombies from the Disney hit movie Zombies. Dressing up as the zombie from Disney Zombies characters is a fun and easy character for kids and teens to walk around as the undead creature without any scary makeup. You can recreate this look easily at home. The zombie character wears a faded grey vest with a red shirt and pants, which are easily available. For the hair job, you can opt for green hair dye or conditioner.
  3. Resident Evil
    Why not create your next spooky costume of a zombie from the movie Resident evil? Bring the most ominous character of Resident Evil to life with a simple costume makeup kit and skin prosthetics. You can also paint your face white colour and give your eyes a frosty look with a set of blind contact lenses.
  4. Evil Dead
    The demons of Evil Dead can bring a frightening experience for your friends. You can use a DIY costume kit for zombies paired with white mesh blind eye contact lenses to give a close resemblance to this deadly creature.
  5. A Walker of The Walking Dead
    The costume of the walker of The Walking Dead is the coolest and easiest one. You can pick up any inexpensive and cut it up. You can get a simple zombie makeup kit from Amazon or eBay and pair it with white or mesh black blind contact lenses.
  6. 28 Weeks Later
Any blind contact lens is perfect to replicate just about any zombie-inspired look. Why don’t create a zombie from the iconic movie 28 Weeks Later by using a white pair of blind contact lenses? To create realistic zombie wounds, liquid latex is your best friend.
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