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Mastering The Perfect Zombie Look With White Contact Lenes

Mastering The Perfect Zombie Look With White Contact Lenes

Becoming a zombie on Halloween is one of the most difficult and challenging tasks. If you do not do it right then you will have no fun trick or treating and Halloween costume gone wrong will be nothing but an embarrassment for you in front of your friends. It is not just about the face complexion or eye liner, being a zombie requires much more than that such as the makeup and white eyes contacts.

Here we have some pro tips from the most famous AMC’s TV series The Walking Dead, head of costume and makeup who defines each and every detail on how they created the most realistic zombies for the show. These are pretty easy tricks and you can find all of these things easily to pull off the perfect zombie look for the Halloween.

Fake Blood

Best thing to create fake blood is corn syrup. People also prefer using food colours but they tend to leave the stain marks on your clothes. To get the best fake blood mix red and yellow food colours with a bit of dish soap added.

Real Wounds

To create realistic looking wounds, use cotton, tissue paper or latex sheets. You can apply them with glue on your face or body and paint them in brown or red and let it dry. This is the easiest and quickest way to create wounds that will look totally real.

Natural Skin Tone

You must never use red, blue or green coloured skin tone and must keep something neutral. Zombie makeup kits are however available but they usually come with weird colours that will make you look unexciting. There is a water-based makeup known as Aqua colour you can use that or you can add yellow brown base in water and use a sponge to apply it on your face. Keep the skin tone earthed so that you look like a real zombie.

Perfect Blending

Usually when people dress up as zombies, they do not give importance to the makeup in detail. They go too heavy without blending the shades properly. You do not want to look like a racoon instead your makeup should be blended in such a way that you know which parts of the face must be lighter and which ones should be darker. The temples, tip of the nose and eye sockets must be shaded in darker colour and every shade must be blended evenly to get close to reality.

Decomposed Skin

To give your skin a slight decomposition a technique known as ‘stretch & stipple’ is used. You need to use latex on your face and stretch it tight while drying with hair dryer. Once it is dried, latex will make wrinkles and give some texture to your skin. When you are putting on makeup, make sure that you apply lighter shade on the wrinkles so that they look deep. You can also blend them and draw lines on your face to get a much more textured look. You must wear white contact lenses after applying the makeup so that you do not feel any discomfort during the makeover.

White Contact Lenses

A full zombie look is incomplete without the actual eye colours as of zombies. To get an undead and ghastly scare, you can choose from a wide range of white contact lenses available and pair it up with your complete attire. White eyes contacts will give an absolute horrifying touch and will totally blend in with your makeup and costume. Different options of white contact lenses Australia are available which are Halloween based and these white eyes contacts are perfect to complement your complete zombie look. The Walking Dead cast used different coloured contacts to recreate the zombie look. You will find white eyes contacts or blind contact lenses as they feature an undead style. In every season of the series, the zombies or walkers looked totally dead-looking and horrific as they used zombie white contact lenses.

Dirty Clothes

Add some brown or black food colour in the spray bottle and spritz on your clothes so that your clothes look old and dirty. Also, splatter some fake blood on your clothes so people know you are coming from back from a killing.

Messy Hair

Keep your hair messy and greasy. You don’t want your hair to be all set while your other things are messed up. Keep your hair untidy and throw some powder on your hair to give a less alive look.

According to the experts, all these tips and tricks take time and this role is something that you need to practise before mastering it. Try applying makeup and work with latex on your sibling or a friend to get the hand of it, get the white contact lenses Australia and put them on and see how undead you look! Also, try to test and play around with colours so you know you will be easily ready for the Halloween night. Do not wait for the last moment preparations, zombie look requires time and effort to produce a spot-on look therefore you must have all the things ready and practised before so you can easily make yourself look like the zombie from The Walking Dead and roam around the streets scaring people off!

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