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Creep the Creeps Out with Creepy Whiteout Contact Lenses

Creep the Creeps Out with Creepy Whiteout Contact Lenses

Contact lenses and Halloween work out completely when it comes to creeping out the creeps out of everyone. This is the picture-perfect pair of all times that you can spin out to shock everyone. Especially Halloween and the blind white contact lenses in Australia are simply a great way to amaze everyone. Especially, if these contacts are combined with an equally awesome costume and crazy makeup, you can really stand out on All Hallows Eve. 

Costumes are popular and fun but the thing that can really enhance the whole costume is Makeup. You can truly express yourself through creative makeup and you won’t even have to spend an arm and a leg to create an impressive costume for Halloween. Here are a few looks that you can try on Halloween 2020.

Messy & Tired Makeup Look

Want the easiest look that you can sport after a tiring week following up to Halloween Night. Well, why not just enhance the whole messy look and carry it on a scary night. Messy hair as if someone has given you an electric shock along with an extremely tired appearance with bags under your eyes is the easiest to achieve.  

To produce this look, get a pair of bloodshot contact lenses. Apply some hair spray or foam and blow dry it roughly so that your hair is all messy and stands out giving out a burnt or fried look. Use lots of mascara and darker shades for the eyes for a smug look that feels as if it has spread all over your face due to all the stress. The messier it is, the better your look will be. Let your lip colour leak out as well for a totally unconcerned attitude expression. 


When it comes to Halloween, nothing can beat the good Ol’ Jack-o’-lantern. Why not transform your own face into one along with all the big and small adorning the porches all around you to celebrate the duo of pumpkin and Halloween? This year, dress up as Jack-o’-lantern and command all the attention towards you. To get into the character, you will need an orange outfit, some orange paint or burnt orange eyeshadow, some shimmer and dark green eyeshades to blend in those lines. 

To finish off this whole look and to make it appear scarier, you can experiment with your makeup and some black paints for your lips. To create a ripped look, mix and match some glitter and sparkle to enhance the whole look. To look even more realistic, you can also wear black contact lenses and an orange swimming cap to pull off the whole look. 

Broken Face Makeup

One of the most haunting and creepy looks that you can create with your par excellence makeup skills and contact lenses is the Broken Face makeup. Draw rough but well-defined patterns on your face and cover the alternative areas and in black and white colour. You can use shimmery black eyeshadow and shimmery ivory eyeshadow. Focus on white when it comes to your eyes and highlight the whole look with alternating a single lens from each pair of whiteout contact lenses and black contact lenses

For a more dramatic look, you can also go for the inverted face appearance and white out your one side, and draw an extra eye in the area near your chin and jaws.

Melting Face

Want to break away from the norm and try something unique? Something that no one has ever tried before? Then, this look is definitely something that will not only look amazing but will be the perfect look for any Halloween event. The idea is to apply make-up on your face in such a way that it appears as if your face is melting. All you need to do is practice some brushstrokes that will help you ace this look. 

White, black, and skin-coloured paints are required for this look to create the sagginess in the skin. Lips are the easiest to create as all you need to do is draw some upward lines and some downward lines and blend them to define the crest and manger. The most difficult part is transforming the eyes but not to worry about it as long as you have a pair of white contact lenses for eyes on Halloween. White contact lenses are the best and you can cover the eye area in white and black eyeshadow and keep the rest of the face blended with skin-coloured paint. 

Their selection of looks is endless when it comes to Halloween Makeup and contact lenses. You can experiment with both new and classic looks by using these two tools.
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