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Create A Spooky Look With Our Top 7 Coloured Lenses

Create A Spooky Look With Our Top 7 Coloured Lenses

Halloween is approaching, and you want to make a bold statement with your costume this year. Whether you're planning to dress up as a vampire, a zombie, or any other eerie character, one thing that can take your look to the next level is coloured lenses. Coloured contact lenses can transform your eyes and create a spooky, captivating look that will mesmerise everyone. This article will explore the top 7 coloured lenses to help you achieve the most haunting and unforgettable Halloween look.

1. Black Sclera Lenses: The Abyss of Darkness

Let's start with the boldest and most dramatic option – the black sclera lenses. These 22mm full-eye sclera lenses cover not just your iris but also the entire visible white part of your eyes, giving you an all-encompassing, pitch-black gaze. This look perfectly portrays malevolent creatures, nightmarish entities, or demonic beings. The full eye black sclera lenses will undoubtedly leave a lasting impression on anyone who meets your eerie stare.

2. Red Sclera Lenses: The Eyes of Bloodlust

The red sclera lenses are the way to go if you want to evoke a sense of bloodlust and terror. These 22mm red full-eye sclera lenses envelop your entire eye in a striking shade of crimson, making it appear as if your eyes are filled with pure venom. The red sclera lenses are a fantastic choice for vampires, demonic creatures, and any character that embodies the essence of horror and danger.

3. Patient Zero Lenses: The Infected Eyes

For those who want to portray a post-apocalyptic zombie or a contagious virus survivor, the 22mm patient zero lenses are the perfect option. These lenses are diseased and sickly, combining faded white and murky red. With patient zero lenses, you can create a spine-chilling look that showcases the horrors of a world gone awry.

4. Purple Rinnegan Lenses: The Eyes of Power

Inspired by anime and manga, the 22mm purple Rinnegan lenses are ideal for characters with supernatural abilities or those seeking a mystic aura. These lenses exhibit a vibrant purple hue with distinct, concentric circles, giving your eyes a mesmerising and otherworldly appeal. The purple Rinnegan lenses are perfect for portraying witches, warlocks, or any character with magical prowess.

5. UV i-Glow Lenses: Illuminating the Darkness

If you want your eyes to stand out in the dark or under UV lights, our UV i-Glow lenses are the way to go. These lenses come in various colours and designs, giving your eyes a luminescent and ethereal look. Whether dressing up as a mythical creature or simply wanting to add a unique twist to your costume, these lenses will make your eyes stand out in the darkest corners of any Halloween party.

6. White-Out Lenses: Embrace the Ghostly Presence

To create a chilling and ghostly look, the white-out lenses are your best bet. These lenses cover your iris and pupil entirely, leaving only a blank, white canvas. The eerie and haunting effect makes you appear like a wandering spirit or a supernatural entity. White-out lenses are versatile and can embody various eerie characters from folklore and horror stories.

7. Cat-Eye Lenses: Unleash Your Feline Charm

Embrace your inner feline with a cat-eye lens with elongated pupils and various colours. From yellow and green to blue and red, these lenses can help you achieve the mesmerising gaze of a mythical cat or a charming witch. Cat-eye lenses are perfect for adding a touch of mystique and allure to your Halloween costume.


Coloured lenses are a powerful tool for transforming your appearance and creating a spooky and captivating Halloween look. The options are endless, from the abyssal darkness of black sclera lenses to the enchanting allure of cat-eye lenses. So, this Halloween, step into the world of the extraordinary and give your costume the perfect finishing touch with our top 7 coloured lenses.

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