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Create a High Impact Outfit with Black Coloured Contacts

Create a High Impact Outfit with Black Coloured Contacts

You can create enormous looks with coloured contact lenses and the blackout contacts have been a number one choice by many people to give their eyes a truly scary look. They can be your ideal fashion accessory or getting the full freak out effect for Halloween and cosplays. You can find a great choice of black contacts with different designs and effects in the market. In this article we are going to elaborate how these black contacts are going to help you in creating eye-catching looks.

It has always been a struggle to create a freaky transformation while dressing up for any occasion. But blackout contacts are there for you to do their part of trick. Are you looking for a stunning look? Well, grab a pair of ghostly gorgeous black contacts and make any outfit more impressive.

Black Coloured Contacts for Any Occasion

Are you ready to transform your look this Halloween, fancy dress party, cosplay or New Year’s Eve? Try out some amazing black eye contacts to give yourself a spooky style in seconds. The black contacts are surely going to add a mesmerising finishing touch to your costume.

Wondering what amazing look you can create with these simple black coloured contact lenses? Well, you can opt for a demon look, a scary doll, a witch or being a simple gothic. You can create a thousand looks with black coloured contacts.

Most Popular Designs in Black Coloured Lenses

Black Out Contacts

The blackout contact lenses have been the most favourite ones. You can create a really creepy look that the audience will surely get frightened to even look at, as it fully covers your eye. Create a freaky inspiring look such as your favourite anime, cartoon character, zombie or a witch with these full eye black contact lenses, as it comes in several varieties and designs to fulfil all your needs.

Mini Black Sclera Contacts

Be a mystical creature from another planet in your upcoming event by using mini sclera black contact lenses. It gives your iris a fuller effect thus giving a freaky final finish to your look. Well making it simple for you  to make people jump or scream by your freaking deadly costume.

Amazing Looks That You Can Pull Off


Get a perfect scary look of demon by using black sclera lenses, which surely will give a creepy lifeless effect you the eye. Costume party or Halloween can be a perfect time to flaunt this look. These black coloured lenses give you a maximum impact with zero effort. It’s perfect for someone who always wants glazing over the eyes and brings some attitude to the look.


Are you ready to kick your costume up a score in time? Or planning to bring a splash of spookiness to your look? Then a look for a wicked witch will be perfect. Whether a Halloween party or cosplay, black contacts are perfect way to get your freak on. Black coloured contacts especially the sclera ones are surely going to attract plenty of attention, making you a standout from the crowd.


This October trick or treat, attending a costume party or simply a FX artist to turn your obsession up a mark, black coloured lenses will add a great finishing touch to any zombie or un-dead inspired costume. Many FX artists and zombie enthusiasts are using black contact lenses to replicate just about any zombie inspired look. So what are you waiting for just grab a pair and transform yourself into characters from some of the most iconic zombie movies and TV series such as The Walking Dead.

Movie Character

Black mini sclera lenses will be a great choice if you are thinking of creating the look of Micheal Myers from the movie Halloween or the demon from the very popular TV show Supernatural.

FX Makeup Artists and Instagrammers

There is plethora of black lenses with different variations available in the market. You can create a whole host of FX looks. There is a wide range of black contact lenses available in all different styles and patterns so that you can pair them with your favourite makeup to give a real effect of demons, aliens, vampires, goths, werewolves, monsters, animal eyes, anime, game or movie characters, and mythological creatures.

Not Just A Costume But As A Fashion Accessory

Black coloured lenses are also popular as a fashion accessory and not just as the Halloween costume. Marilyn Manson and The Darkness are the big names who have undoubtedly made them a fashion accessory in rock, indie and gothic culture.

Worried about your look for your own upcoming SFX project or costume party, the black contacts are perfect for you. The colour black itself refers to the unknown, the hidden realms, fear, mystery, death, and evil. Make your eyes as black as night to show the dark and evil souls of yours like it is said that eyes are the window to the soul.

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