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Choose The Best Coloured Contact Lenses That Really Connects with Your Personality

Choose The Best Coloured Contact Lenses That Really Connects with Your Personality

Fashion trends barely last for a year and keep on evolving. You may catch some and maintain a chic look for a while but it is essential to keep yourself updated to sustain a strong persona. But if you want to keep it simple and sophisticated, then you should leverage those fashion trends that have stood the test of time and remain evergreen. It will make you the ultimate limelight and help you to look distinguished. 

There are tons of fashion trends that still live up to their name and wearing the Coloured Contact Lenses is one of them. Since the 19th century, fashionistas have been wearing lenses of various colours and making an impressive impact all around through their arousing and curated eyes. The most fascinating feature of coloured contacts and probably the only reason which they have survived the test of time is that they are available in countless colours.

From white, purple, blue, and pink to various alluring textures, there are a lot of options available making sure that everyone finds something cool for their unique personalities. Additionally, lenses can be worn on random days and special occasions as well to ace the look. Thus, it is a go-to beauty product that has become an evergreen fashion trend of all time.

If you have also decided to opt for this fashion trend and make your fashion statement next to none, then you can’t simply order the one that you like the most. There are a few things to consider like your hair colour and skin tone to ensure that lenses really connect with your persona and uplift your look. It can be quite difficult to choose the right Coloured Contact Lenses as not every single one is going to pair with your unique personality.

We really don’t want you to make a failed attempt when you try the coloured lenses for the first-ever time. Thus, we bring you a handy guide that will help you to evaluate which type of coloured contacts will truly compliment you the best. 

So, without any further ado, let’s get started:

Suitable Coloured Lenses As Per Your Skin Tone

Lenses for Fair Skin Tone: If you have a light skin tone, then dark and bold Coloured Contact Lenses will enhance your skin and make your beauty features more prominent. Some of the recommended options that you should try include green diva, pure blue, premium hazel, and hidrocor Azul blue. You can also try sclera contact lenses to make an unmatched appearance as such lenses are truly one of a kind.

Lenses for Tan Skin Tone: If your skin ranges between dark and light complex, then you should go for bright lenses as they will make your eyes prominent and make them attractive. Some of the lenses that will look good on you are yellow out, brown blend, green manson, pure blue, and icy green. You can find many other elegant options by exploring bright lenses.

Lenses for Dark Skin Tone: Got a dark colour tone? If yes, then you are up for a surprise as the majority of fascinating Coloured Contact Lenses will look fabulous on you and glam up your fashion statement. You can choose from a wide array of contrast in hazel, brown, blue, and Gray which will elevate your look to the utmost. However, you should avoid shocking colours like pink and green.

Suitable Coloured Lenses As Per Your Hair Colour

Lenses for Brown Hairs: Not just skin tone, but hair colours also matters when it is about finding the best contacts. If you have got brown hair, then you should simply opt for hazel, brown, or blue lenses for a dramatic and exceptional look.

Lenses for Black Hairs: Black is the most common hair and if you have also got dark coloured hairs, then you will be able to enjoy the benefit of wearing almost any type of lens ranging from light and shocking shades to textured Coloured Contact Lenses.

Lenses for Blonde Hairs: Those with blonde hair will get a limited number of options when it is about wearing coloured lenses. However, you should choose from radiant colours like blue, green, and black to make your eyes prominent which will eventually enhance your facial beauty features.

Lenses for Red and Other Coloured Hairs: Red hairs look very well with light coloured lenses but if you have got your hair dyed with some other unique shades, then you should go for something minimalist like black, brown, hazel, or other. Shocking colours like pink will look dull so they are better avoided.

Wearing coloured lenses is the best way to change your look and maintain a chic fashion statement. If you get your hands on the right pair that suits your hair and skin tone, then it will be making a much better impact on your persona and uplift your look to the next level. So, keep this guide in mind when you shop for your Coloured Contact Lenses.

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