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A Complete Guide for Using Coloured Contact Lenses for Beginners

A Complete Guide for Using Coloured Contact Lenses for Beginners

Have you ever thought of how you would look with the different eye colours? Or you may have dreamed of just enhancing the beautiful colour that you already have and add more brightness to it. Do the unique colours that you see in Manga anime or movies inspire you? Well, nothing is impossible now. With coloured contact lenses, you can achieve any look that you want. Whether it is the added shine to your eyes or a complete makeover with a different colour, coloured lenses can help you out. 

Unlike the normal contact lenses, coloured lenses come in a huge variety and it can be confusing to choose the appropriate ones that suit your features, especially if you are a beginner. No need for you to worry though. Here’s a complete guide for you on how to choose and use coloured contact lenses.

Change of Style

One of the main reasons that have led to the popularity of coloured contacts is that they beautify your eyes and make them stand out. You have the liberty to change your eye colour to match the makeup and lipstick you are wearing, and your hair and nail colour as well. Why limit yourself to hair and nail when you can change your eye colour too?

It’s a misconception that only make-up artists, actors/models, or cosplay actors can wear coloured contacts. Anyone can wear them for a special night, for parties, and some people even opt to wear them for special occasions like weddings to enhance the beauty of their eyes. Coloured lenses have the power to give you a complete change of style and make your looks more striking. 

Highlight Natural Eye Colour

If you want a subtle change and simply want to intensify your natural eye colour, then you should go for the variety of coloured contacts that help in enhancing your eye colour. These lenses usually change darker eye colour to a lighter one, though it is possible with some to deepen the lighter colour as well. If you are not looking for a dramatic change, enhancing lenses are best for you. 

Change to a New Eye Colour

If you are looking for a complete change and want to try on a completely new colour, then opaque contact lenses are perfect for you. They are designed to completely cover the natural colour of your eyes. Depending on other elements like your hair colour, and your skin tone, you can choose a colour that flaunts your looks. Opaque lenses also give complete coverage to darker eyes like different shades of brown. 

Get the Dramatic Effect

Want something crazy or wild? Or looking towards creating some drama when dressing up for a party?  Or maybe, you simply want to try some wild makeup styles and take some crazy selfies. Coloured contact lenses have got you covered. Whether it is your fandom that you want to express through cosplay or just want to surprise everyone with your cat eyes, or vampire eyes along with your costume, crazy, Halloween contact lenses have got you covered on Halloween and beyond. 

Step-By-Step Guide to putting in contact lenses: 

If you are wearing the contact lenses for the first time, you may be a little apprehensive but it is not very difficult. It becomes even easier once you get the hang of putting in your lenses. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you put the contact lenses correctly.

Step 1: Your hands should be thoroughly cleaned and dried after a wash with warm water and handwash.

Step 2: Hold the lens on the tip of your index/first finger ensuring that it is in the correct direction.

Step 4: To avoid blinking, hold your upper eyelid with your free hand.

Step 5: Carefully, use the remaining fingers of the other hand to pull down the lower lid as you will have your lens on the index finger’s tip.

Step 6: Look up and gently place the lens on the lower part of your eye.

Step 7: Gradually shut your eyelid and keep your eyes closed for a moment.

Step 8: Blink multiple times to let the lens settle in the center and then repeat the process with your other eye. 

(If you feel any discomfort in your eyes, then remove the lens immediately and check for any damage, dust, or fluff. Rinse it with the solution and reapply. In case of damage, discard the lens at once.)

Pro Tip: To prevent mixing up the two lenses, always take out your lens for the right eye first to avoid this mix-up. 

So, there you have it, a complete guide for using coloured contact lenses for beginners. Have some fun and be bold enough to change your entire look with the perfect pair of coloured contact lenses.
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