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Cherish The Disney Villain Character With Sclera Contact Lenses

Disney, through its animated films and stories has incarnated sinister and evil characters that have enthralled people with their charm and menace along with happy-go-lucky ones.  These characters are deeply embedded throughout our childhood through cartoons and movies and later in the form of cosplaying for theme parties and get-togethers. Everyone wants to adorn a captivating look that steals the show, makes heads turn, and creates a resonance for the after-party gossips.

Having to relive a character has a magical charm to explore your intrinsic traits and fondness. We yearned for the beautiful princesses locked in castles waiting for their prince charming to complete their love stories…ending with the cliché statement …and they lived happily ever after! But hold on! What about all those blood-drenched evil characters and villains who spend their efforts and intellect in adding thrill, suspense, and fun to these animated love stories. Imagine what would be fun if there are no Boogeyman fears to scare naughty kids before Christmas.

Adding spice and zing to the Christmas festivity with Krumpy will make the gaiety merrier! But how can we excite this vivacity? Cosplay your next party with the antagonism of the Disney villains using intentionally dowdy and realistic costumes, abomination makeup and accessories, and most importantly sclera contact lenses to upturn eccentricity and evilness to those scary eyes. 

Oogie Boogie

Since childhood, we loved and correspondingly feared the meanest Boogeymen featured in the Disney film, The Night before Christmas. Mr. Oogie Boogie is a bug-filled burlap sack with a predilection for gambling. He lives in the suburbs of Halloween Town, in a casino-like den underneath the tree house of his henchmen Lock, Shock, and Barrel. 

He is both dreaded and ostracised for his grisly nature, cannibalistic appetite, and enmity with the Pumpkin King, Jack Skellington. If you want to fashion this character for your next theme party, all you need to do is to grab a neon green or grey burlap sack with holes for the eyes and mouth, stuff yourself with foam to create a plus-size shape to enhance the physical structure of stumpy legs, fingerless arms and the tip of the head dropping outwards like a pointed hat. To fashion for those scary full black eyes wear the 22mm full eye black sclera contact lenses to hail the darkness and fear. The black sclera contact lenses through their solid black pigmentation covering the entire eye will create an impression that will hypnotize others with a soulless dark pitch from a boundless void.

The Horned King

The darkest devil from the Disney film, The Black Cauldron ranks amongst the leading Disney villain characters that have raised goose bumps for the audience. He desires to find the Black Cauldron and use its magical supremacy to release an army of immortal Cauldron Born to rein the world. To guise in its character fashion into convincing costume depicting a skeletal creature with green, rotting flesh and two gnarled horns. To boost its ruthlessness and mercilessness wear the 22mm full eye red sclera contact lenses to show the gnarling red fiery eyes. These sclera contact lenses are made of red solid pigment suitable for both light and dark eyes without any cut-out for the pupil. 


A favourite amongst those who knows how to take cosplay to the next level, Ursula leads the Disney villains. She is the sea witch in the famous Disney film, The Little Mermaid. She is a heinous Cecaelia (half-woman, half-octopus) who lures misery by granting arrangements with poor merfolk with the promise of making their dreams come true. To portray this antagonist character dress in a perversely obese costume, paint your skin light lavender with short white hair, and dress in the black bottom with six tentacles dotted by violet suckers. Use the 17mm mini black sclera contact lenses to emphasize your eyes with aqua blue eye shadow, deep red lipstick, and red nails. For jewelry, wears purple shell earrings and a gold nautilus shell necklace. The mini sclera contact lenses will give the effect of a widened pupil that will make the look more rich and devilish. Don’t forget to wear that horrendous smile.

Cruella De Vil

The eccentric fashion-obsessed heiress from 101 Dalmations is a Disney villain that is possessed by murderous insanity. An amazing character to cosplay, fashion yourself in a flow-y black dress, red high heels, black stockings, and red long opera gloves. Make your hair half white, half black as the character displays and adopt a pale skeletal look and emphasis on the eyes with 17mm red mini sclera contact lenses with green eye makeup. They will help reveal the meanness and selfishness while also imploring a high fashion sense. Cover yourself in fur to make it more mesmerizing.

Cosplaying Disney villains is an exciting theme that you can easily and perfectly carry to make your costume parties more lit and happening. With the amazing variations of sclera contact lenses, you can improvise the looks through different villain personifications other than zombies, vampires, and demons.
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