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Black Sclera Contact Lenses

Black Contact Lenses – The Ideal Choice for Your Halloween Cosplay this Year

Are you longing for something new and different in the world of halloween contact lenses? Well, the contacts with diverse colors for sure provide multiple ways to flaunt your fashion sense. Yet, overly bright and deep coloured lenses may have turned redundant owing to their excessive use in fashion. Although the preference in this regard is subjective. If you’re one of those who want to try out something magical and distinctive, the black contact lenses await you to define your iris more prominently.

No one can rule out the magic, aura, and enchantment the black eye contacts bestow you with. The variation in their colors and versatility in their uses should be enough for you to opt for black-colored lenses.

On top of that, don’t you want to exhibit the most terrific look this Halloween? The spooky vibe of blackout contact lenses has got you covered there! The black sclera lenses covering the entirety of your eyes would make this year’s Halloween even scarier and thus, full of thrill and fun.

Let’s get into the details of how the black eye contacts help you adorn the beauty of your iris combined with a terrific outlook:

Why Choose Black Contact Lenses?

Before moving towards the perfect usage of black eye contacts, you must know why we’re endorsing dark-colored lenses. Primarily, their versatility pretty much speaks for itself. So much so that they can match the vibe of just about every hair color and skin tone. Here’s how:

Skin Complexion

The color of the eye contacts typically varies with the skin tone, but that isn’t the case for the black colored contact lenses. Take a look at how you can enhance your skin complexion with the dark lenses:

    • Dark Skin Tone: Black eye contacts are an ideal choice if you want to flaunt your natural and realistic look with a dark complexion.
    • Medium Skin Tone: For a medium tone, the black-colored lenses are deemed perfect, as they tend to match with your skin complexion; particularly if you’re going for a cute yet scary cosplay for an anime or manga on Halloween.
    • Fair Skin Tone: Black contact lenses are the best addition to the beauty of your iris if you have a fair complexion. That’s simply because the brighter color of the contacts on an already glowing skin lacks coherence and might become a major turn-off.

Hair Colour

Hair colour is an equally important factor to consider when choosing the perfect color for your contacts, but black is the one that stands out here as well.

  • Black Hair: The dark contact lens provides the ultimate contrast with black hair if you’re opting for a more natural look.
  • Dark & Medium Brown Hair: Black colored contact lenses should be a convenient choice for you since the dark brown and medium brown hair befit just about every lens color, except for a few brighter colors.
  • Light Brown & Blonde Hair: Want to show off that famous light/dark contrast between your eyes and light brown or hair? What else other than black eye contacts make it come true!
  • Bright Colored Hair: People may argue that the red, blue, or pink-colored hair should be paired with equally vibrant colors of lenses, but we assert otherwise. What we suggest is to flaunt the vibrance through your hair and maintain decency with the dark-colored lenses for your eyes.

Blackout Contact Lenses for Halloween

You must have incorporated plenty of costume ideas for Halloween and might have been longing for something similar this year. But, let’s just think out of the box! How about going for the dark contact lenses that give a perception of a single pupil and iris? Imagine wearing such a lens and appearing in a crowd to terrify literally everyone out there.

If you want to enhance the degree of horror and spook, go for the full blackout contact lenses that cover the sclera of your eyes alongside iris and pupil. Even you would freak out while looking yourself in the mirror wearing those spooky black sclera lenses, let alone your family, friends, and neighbors.

The blackout contact lenses come in a variety of types defined by their size, colors, and shades that make it convenient for you to choose one. They involve;

Conclusion – What to Know Before Wearing Black Eye Contacts?

Vision range should be your major consideration when buying black contact lenses for a Halloween party or cosplay. You may have a concern regarding your vision through the sclera lenses, but you should cheer up to know that even the full sclera blackout lenses have transparent or clear space at the center to help you enjoy the complete vision without any restriction or hindrance. The only thing you need to make sure of is to keep the size of the central transparent space of lenses in line with the size of your pupil. If the black of the lens doesn’t overlap your pupil, you’re good to go!
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