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Achieving A Frighteningly Freaky Look Through Black Coloured Contacts

Achieving A Frighteningly Freaky Look Through Black Coloured Contacts

No matter which party or event you’re getting dressed up for- it will always remain incomplete with the correct coloured contact lenses. Different types of lenses are available according to the occasion. Like you must know which coloured lens you must wear on your wedding or which freaky coloured lens you will select for the Halloween party.

When it comes to becoming all spooky and vicious then there are a lot of options that you can select from to complete your character at Halloween. From superheroes to super villains to pure evil- you can choose from the huge range of freaky coloured contact lenses that come in different styles and variations. Crazy coloured lenses such as black contact lenses or white contact lenses are usually found at the cosplays, comic-cons and fancy-dress parties.

Unleash Your Darker Side

If you are a goth freak or a horror enthusiast, then black eye contacts are all you need! However, there are different options that come in black lenses such as black sclera contact lens- yes, the ones that will completely change the colour of your eye to full black eyes.

Black contact lenses are common in vampires and zombie looks, especially around the Halloween season. They bring an ultimate horrifying look to your overall appearance and with the perfect attire and costume, you can pull off a super scary look pretty much easily with the black contact lenses.

Another type of black eye contacts are the goth lenses. These are completely black but the colour of the iris could be either green, grey or blue. They look super-hot when you pair them with black leather pants and a jacket. Along with a funky hair style and body accessories you will end up pulling off a total emo look that will make you look like a proper badass- someone with whom no one should mess! Moreover, these goth black eye contacts can also be worn if you want to become a Dracula, werewolf or a vampire.

With black coloured contacts, you can allow your dark soul to gaze through those dark eyes. You can let your inner demon come out provided that you pair those dark haunted black eyes with the right costume and makeup effects. Be a die-hard goth freak or a wicked vampire or a possessed demon you can add extra spine-chilly effects with black eye contacts to your Halloween costume and become any favourite character from your favourite movie or TV shows.

Demonic Look

From malevolent demons to horrendous devils and weird aliens to blood thirsty vamps, black contact lenses surely add intensity to the scare factor along with your makeup and costume effects. If you choose sclera black eye contacts then your entire look will go dramatic and other-worldly. These are ‘supernatural’ type of lenses that can be seen used and worn in different sci-fi and horror movies and shows.

Different characters featured these black eye contacts and brought the deadly creatures to life on the screen such as werewolves, devils, aliens, clowns, vampires, demons and skulls. Wes Borland, famous American rock musician from Limp Bizkit made black eyes his signature style on his stage performances and gave a goth and horrific look with demonic style dressing or body paintings.

Moreover, the famous horror and thriller series, Supernatural also consisted of different supernatural creatures and black coloured contact lenses were widely used throughout the show; especially when our all-time favourite Dean Winchester (Jensen Ackles) had full black eyes when he was turned into a demon.

Possessed Look

Another look that you can achieve by black contact lenses is the possessed look that you can get from the horror and sci-fi movies. If you have seen 30 Days of Nights or 13 Ghosts, you will know exactly what we are talking about here. The jet-black eyes can accentuate your makeup and costume and make you look all unholy, ungodly, creepy, cursed and haunted. These lenses add a great deal of effect for creatures such as soul-possessing demons, blood-thirsty vamps, possessed souls or malicious ghosts.

Slip into such possessions this Halloween and take a grip of your sad soul and be ready to give a cold, lifeless glare at the Halloween, cosplay or any vamp-goth fan/role playing club!

Metal/Goth Look

Reveal the inner hard-core goth/metal freak with black coloured contacts and become the mysterious soul or the ultimate rebel that you really wanted to become! Black goth look can be achieved along with the perfect clothing and makeup effect such as making your skin go all pale with white makeup application.

Did you know that Marilyn Manson was made popular by wearing goth black eye contacts in his right eye and a white contact lens in his left eye? This contrast made him the symbol of good and evil, which means that the good and bad exist together in everyone!

So if you are feeling all hardcore and you plan on doing some head banging with your friends then spice up your goth look with black contact lenses and accentuate your look with the vampire makeup and be an absolute head turner.

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