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7 Useful Tips For Wearing Contact Lenses At A Festival

7 Useful Tips For Wearing Contact Lenses At A Festival

As the New Year begins and days pass by, there are different occasions and festivities that come along the way!

You prepare for all the festivals and parties that the new season brings along! You start prepping for the new outfits and accessories which also include coloured contact lenses especially done by those who want to achieve an utterly different look in every event.

Whilst choosing coloured contacts lenses, you need to make sure that you know how you are going to take care of those delicacies so you can enjoy the festivals without having any second thought about your appearance.

Taking care of your coloured contact lenses can be a chore especially if you are planning to go away to attend any festival. If you are going to attend any rock music festival with a pair of black contact lenses or if you are simply going with your mates on a road trip to some party, you must know how to look after these little beauties on the go! Keeping them nice and clean will let you enjoy your trip and also keep your eyes in good health.

Here are some useful tips that will tell you how you can take care of your lenses so nothing can stop you from having all the fun that you have planned for your trip ahead.

Go For Dailies

Disposable contact lenses must be a preferred choice, especially for festivals. They are hygienic and require a lesser amount of care while you are away! Pop them in the morning and pull them off the whole day and dispose of them before hitting the bed. Don’t worry about the colours and designs as disposable contact lenses are available in all designs and colours such as black contact lenses, white contact lenses, vampires lenses, cat and dragon lenses, full eye sclera lenses and much more.

Get The Travel-Sized Packs

If you are going away for more than a day and you want to get a different look at every event, then opt for the travel packs. They are ideal to store and clean and come with handy cleaning solutions in lighter packing. The perfect travel companion with a handy contact lenses case! Easy and simple to use on the go! 

Keep Spares

In case you lose your pair of contact lenses, you must keep an extra pair just in case! You might damage or tear the lens off with all that hustle and bustle with your friends while getting ready for the event, Therefore, keeping an extra pair will save you from the chaos that might occur once you find out that you lost the only pair you brought along!

Clean Hands

The most important tip especially for those are festival-goers and party animals- you must know the importance of maintaining good hygiene. You must keep a bottle of hand sanitiser or wet wipes so you can keep yourself and especially your hands clean while applying on taking the lenses off. This way you won’t be putting any dust or dirt in your eyes through the lenses.  

Handle Lenses In Your Space

If you are attending a rock music festival and you plan on staying the night there- the perfect choice could be putting on black contact lenses and making yourself look like a proper goth at the music festival. While putting on black contact lenses, you must put them on and get ready in the comfort of your own space or your tent or wherever you are staying. It is best to handle such delicate tasks away from the chaos so you can get ready in peace of mind and double-check yourself in the mirror before stepping out in the crowd to slay!

Rewetting Drops Are A Must Have

If you are in a warm or hot environment, it is most likely that your lenses might dry out which will lead to irritated and dry eyes! You do not want that to keep you from having all the fun now, do you? So it is better to keep good quality rewetting eye drops handy. In case you feel any irritation you put them in your eyes and have your eyes re-moisturised instantly. Hydrated eyes will keep your eyes healthy and vision sharp especially if you are having a pair of black contact lenses on!

Eye Lid Wipes

Since you will be away from your home, then you must come fully prepared. Eyelid wipes are easily available and they are the best way to get rid of makeup and dirt and will also soothe your eyes from dryness while keeping them fresh. They are also available in travel packs or sachets which won’t even take much of the space in your bag! 

Other useful tips include staying hydrated and drinking lots of liquid and staying away from the sun to keep your coloured lenses safe and clean from the surroundings.

These top tips are very helpful and if you have friends who are as crazy as you are and want to try out different looks using coloured contact lenses or Halloween contact lenses such as black contact lenses, sclera contact lenses or any other design- then you must share these tips with them too so they all can have a good time without compromising on their eye health!

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