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7 Myths about Contact Lenses You Should Clarify

7 Myths about Contact Lenses You Should Clarify

Do you ever think about how your looks would transform with different eye colors? There may be a special occasion where you want to show the world the beautiful eyes that you have and mesmerize them right on the spot. Whatever the reasons are, contact lenses can help revamp your look and give you the best confidence. The most puzzling thing is why there is so much reluctance associated with them?

Do you think it would hurt or damage your eyes? Or, are you reluctant because you think contact lenses can be worn only by the people whose vision is impaired in some way? Or is it simply because you think that it is uncomfortable to wear a pair? Do some people even believe that they require too much care and maintenance?

So, which one of these myths applies to you? Yes, you read correctly. These are nothing but myths. Many myths surround the use of contact lenses. Some of them are as bizarre as they can come. Let’s discuss some of these myths and discover the facts.

1. Lenses Can Create Eye Complications

Contact lenses are safe for the eyes if you wear them moderately. It is the improper use of lenses that harms your eyes. The truth is that contact lenses should always be worn according to the instructions provided by trained and licensed professionals. Proper, guided care of the lenses and regular eye check-ups can ensure that you wear them without any complications and prevent it from damaging your eyes.

2. Contact Lenses are too Uncomfortable

The biggest proof that contact lenses are not uncomfortable are the horror movie actors who wear the
whiteout lenses while facing harsh lights and varying weather conditions during shoots. The ultra-tech materials like silicone hydrogel used to make modern contact lenses are very comfortable. These are breathable and light and protect the moisture of the eyes.

3. Too Much Maintenance Required

A rumor that has been popularly floating about contact lenses is that too much maintenance is required to keep them in good condition. Contrarily, the new types of lenses that are easily available require minimum care, and you can do it easily with the guidance of your optician. Another option is the disposable contact lenses that you can change every day without any special cleaning or storing, which require zero maintenance with a maximum of eight hour wear.

4. Contact Lenses Should not be Bought Online

Another myth that is quite rampant amongst the public is that contact lenses should not be bought online as their quality is unreliable, and they can cause damage to the eyes. The reality is that the seller should be an authentic one, whether online or at a physical shop. So, considering the current situation of Covid-19 in mind, it would be better to buy your Halloween contact lenses online from a reputable retailer rather than visiting the local shops.

5. Makeup and Contact Lenses Don’t Match

There is no evidence that makeup can’t be applied with contact lenses. In fact, you can go for a really dramatic look when you combine contact lenses with some bold and beautiful eye makeup. However, it is recommended to wear contact lenses before you apply makeup and take them out first before removing it to avoid direct contact between cosmetics and the lenses for maintaining their longevity.

6. Colored Contact Lenses Appear Unnatural

All colored lenses do not appear unnatural. Before buying them, first consider your actual eye color, hair color, and skin tone. Go for colors that would naturally blend in with your overall looks. Next, invest in good quality lenses. By remembering these factors, you can easily prevent the unnatural appearance.

7. Contact Lenses are Only for People with Eye Problems

This notion can’t be further than the truth. In modern times contact lenses are used purely for cosmetic reasons. Halloween contact lenses are particularly created for entertainment purposes only. Nevertheless, whether it is for vision or fashion, no contact lenses should be worn at all times. Give your eyes a timely break and never wear a pair of lenses before going to the bed.


These are some of the very commonly discussed misconceptions about lenses that have been cleared here. So, go ahead and invest in a pair to bring some adventure and drama to your life and let the world witness the beauty of your eyes directly.

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