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5 Steps to Get the Dark as Your Soul Goth Look from the 90s

5 Steps to Get the Dark as Your Soul Goth Look from the 90s

Goth culture has been popular since the 90s. It is mostly about the dark appearance and makeup is one of the most important parts of a Gothic look along with metal jewelry, dark (preferably leather) black clothes.  

Even if Halloween is over, a dark, sinister gothic look can be rocked throughout the year. If you follow some basics, you are not far away from achieving a flawless, chic Gothic look any day of the year. To make it even spookier, you can also use black contact lenses.

Given below are 5 steps that will help you achieve that dark as your soul look.

However, before going ahead with any of the steps, it is important to exfoliate and cleanse your skin of any impurities, so that you have a fresh palette before you create your extraordinary Gothic art on it. 

Step 1:  Moisturizer & Base

For any makeup, the first and foremost step is to moisturize your face properly using a face cream. Next choose a foundation that is two tones lighter than your skin to give it a pale, deadly white look. Choose a foundation from a good company and keep the coverage smooth. It should not be cakey or the whole look will be ruined.

For darker skin tones, it is best if you also use a white powder press to dust your face once you have applied the foundation. With this step, your face will have an ethereal but natural grey tone instead of a white mask painted on your skin. 

Wear a good primer as well. It not only makes your makeup last longer; it helps in prepping your skin for foundation. It also contains SPF which protects your skin from the sun and also gives you an added paleness as it will not tan.  

Step 2: Eyeshadows & Brushes

Go for the darker eye shades for this dark look like black or dark brown eyeshadow. You can have a lot of fun with the goth look and experiment with colors like black, red, purple, and blue. Fill in your eyebrows with an angled brush and use a dark brows gel or powder to do it. Use a highlighter or some shimmer to accentuate your brow bone starting from under the bow and trace it towards the edges. Go for a darker shade to cover your lids and complement it with black eye contacts.

For a sultry look with an edge to it, apply a matte eyeshadow in taupe color to fill in the crease of your eyelid. You can play with colors next and choose a darker grey, blue, deep purple, or black color on your eyelid. 

Step 3:  Intense liner & Luscious Mascara

Use a thick application of liner to define your eyes. You can use either a pencil or liquid liner, whatever you are more comfortable with. Liquid liner is better is as it gives a more prominent definition to your eyes and it is long-lasting throughout the day too. It would be best if you get a waterproof one as it will prevent your eye makeup from melting due to sweat or water. 

For the mascara, choose the thickest and luscious one to give loads of volume to your lashes. Apply it generously on both upper and lower lashes until you have long, thick lashes. If you are dressing up for a party, you can also add in fake lashes and black colored contacts. This will make your eyes appear even darker than usual. 

If you want a more playful look, you can switch to a colored mascara but go for a dark tone like red and blue. You can either apply these colors directly or for a more dramatic look, layer them on top of your black mascara. 

Step 4: Blush and Bronzer

In the next step comes the cheekbones. First of all, apply concealer on all the dark spots and under-eye circles to give them neat coverage. For the goth look, deep, dark contouring is necessary. Use a dark contour color to your cheeks, making your cheekbones stand out and define your jawline as well. 

Next, add just a dash of bronzer on the cheekbones. Complete this look by adding a highlighter on the cheekbones and center of the nose. Finally, add in a dramatic touch of color with a blush in a darker shade as well. 

Step 5: Dark, Sultry Lipstick

No gothic look is complete without lipstick. If you love to experiment with this dark look, then you should invest in several dark lipstick colors. You can choose from a simple black to dark maroon, purple or dark red. 

First of all, make a dark outline for both upper and lower lips using an ultra-black or purple eyeliner. The most important step to completing your gothic look is lipstick. Fill in the outline with the color of your choice according to your mood.  

So, whatever color you choose can express and define the specific goth look you are aiming at.
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