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5 Scary Classic Halloween Costumes that Never Go Out of Style

5 Scary Classic Halloween Costumes that Never Go Out of Style

2020 came and with it came the scariest threat in the form of a deadly Pandemic. Therefore, with the presence of Covid-19, and other calamities around the world 2020 has been scary enough. Still, the resilient human spirit has persisted, and we have not let it dampen our spirits. This year is no different except trick or treating while maintaining social distancing and having Zoom Halloween parties instead of crashing your friend’s place.

When it comes to Halloween, some scary looks are classic, and this awe-inspiring festival is incomplete without them. What is the fun in Halloween if you do not see some gore, some blood-sucking, frightening vampires, batty witches, and of course the classic Zombies? Listed below are 5 scary classic costumes and looks that never go out of style and they are as mandatory to Halloween as Santa and Christmas tree are compulsory for Christmas.

  1. Vampire

Top of the list is, of course, the Vampire look. From wearing fangs, donning a ready-made cape, and using some fake blood to carefully applied detailed makeup tutorials available on YouTube and Instagram, several Vampires are a must for Halloween. Following some tutorials online, you can work out a terrifying classic vampire look for yourself, and no, it does not include the deadly handsome and creepy, shiny bloodsuckers from Twilight. The look that is being discussed here is the monstrous, ghastly look using prosthetic and Blackout Contact Lenses. A remarkably effective trick to create a creepy look of a vampire is to cover your eyebrows with glue. Once dry, coat them with powder of foundation to create a true spine-chilling look. Add fake blood, some latex to create monstrous skin and fake fangs and cape to complete your Vampire look.

  1. Zombie

Halloween is the night for the undead to roam the streets and it comes true every year. This year may be a little different depending on the lockdown situation in your area. So, why not create a Zombie look that would look equally gruesome and grisly on-screen as it would look off-screen. For this, you will have to polish up your makeup skills a little bit. Although, most of the accessories will remain the same with most of the Zombies, like fake blood, peeling skin, and Halloween Contact Lenses it is your skill in makeup that will set your corpse (pun intended) apart from others. Perfectly shadowed eyes, realistic bruises, and the blank, unseeing look with limp limbs will perfect this look.

  1. Witch

From tiny tots to sultry and sexy adult witches, you have your pick of witches every Halloween. Unlike the Hogwarts witches, we are talking about the more Macbeth style witches when it comes to adults dressing up as sinister necromancers. Yet, the green, pimply look of the Wicked Witch of the West is also very clichéd. Instead, the creepy description of the three Macbeth witches with their ghastly skins and even beards is the kind of look you should go for. Cracked and pale skin, Bloody Red Contact Lenses, and creepers and veins were drawn on deadly skin which should do the trick. Instead of the usual black robe, wear a sexier styled body-hugging gown with a trail. A pointy cap, a wand, and broomstick are unavoidable accessories. Also, go for a unique coloured pair of contact lenses that should be enough to complement your vile witch makeup.

  1. Ghost

Do you still believe that wearing a white sheet with two holes for eyes will scare anyone? Even the kids these days are not fooled by this get-up. With all this technology and VFX effects, you will need to come up with some fantastic ideas to create an interesting ghost look. One of the more popular ideas is to have a pasty white face with some intricate details to achieve a frightening ghost appearance. However, to add more oomph to this whole look, it is recommended to wear a lacy gown (sort of a bridal gown) with applying makeup in such a way as to appear having a decapitated head. Add some fluorescent or glow in the dark products to appear more ghost-like.

  1. Mummy
Don’t just wrap some bandages to create a mummy look. It may have looked good when you were 10 but it is not okay to carry the same look as an adult. To execute this classic costume, get some Liquid latex, Tissue paper, Alcohol activated paints, Bandages/gauze, and Coloured contact lenses. Create a frightful costume with dirty, gruesome bandages trailing about. Create some rotten skin using latex, tissue paper, and even some raid paint if not using fake blood in a patch of skin and eye visible through the bandages. The decaying flesh makes the whole Mummy costume appear more realistic.


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