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10 Iconic Girl Idols Spicing Up the K-Pop Industry

10 Iconic Girl Idols Spicing Up the K-Pop Industry

With a choice of indulgent songs, outstanding choreography, and undeniable good looks, K-Pop has taken the world by a storm. Through their success, they have become the trendsetters for hippiest trends including make-up, and fashion. Contact lenses are no exception, and these iconic idols have levitated colourful contacts like Halloween contact lenses to the trendiest fashion element. 

These 10 Iconic Girl Idols spice up their shows, photoshoots, and even their daily looks with varying eye colours. Just like their music, they like adventurous touch to their faces and eye colour as well. 

And it is okay to be a part of all this eye rave. So, here's a detailed discussion of your favourite idols' most preferred eye colours that make their eyes look even more stunning


Jennie of Blackpink has natural melting brown doll-like peepers and the most fabulous feature of her cute face. Although these eyes are naturally enthralling, a colour play with a different contact creates a magic that can sweep you off your feet. Jennie's most popular comeback photo has proved this. The sultry grey contact lenses have captivated everyone, and the best part is that this colour looks equally natural on her. 


When talking about Blackpink, it is impossible not to talk about Lisa's gorgeous maknae with her naturally big beautiful eyes. Though the youngest of the group, she is the actual trendsetter for a variety of coloured contacts. She has a knack for playing with a multitude of colours, including grey, green, brown, and blue. She looks stunning in every colour, but it is the melting brown shade that melts lots of hearts and looks most natural on her.


When you think of soulful vocals and a beautiful face to go with them, Taeyeon of Girls' Generation automatically comes to mind. Her good looks' most stunning feature is her doll-like eyes, and her pair of peepers is considered perfect. However, Taeyeon's eyes do not need any colour but the magic doubles when she experiments with different contacts. However, when she wears frozen grey contact lenses, innocence is personified in those eyes. 


Yerin has an angelic face which makes her perfect for GFriend's visual. Her beauty and extraordinary talent in singing and dancing have helped her make her mark as one of the most coveted sweethearts of K-Pop. You can't resist her dopey black eyes while bopping your head to her band's music. 


Irene, the radiant beauty with mystical eyes, is a well-known K-pop name both on and off-stage. She can charm anyone with her captivating almond-shaped eyes, which makes them a fan-favorite feature. Although her natural eye colour is mesmerizing when she wears grey contacts, the whole effect is enchanting. 


TWICE's maknae and visual, Tzuyu has earned the top place in the TC Candler's Top 100 Most Beautiful consistently for past years. The most enthralling attribute on her face is her cat-like eyes. Her delightful brown eyes have the power to captivate anyone. 


Momo, TWICE's sweetheart, is most famously known for excellent dance skills. Still, along with her skills, there is another feature that sets her apart from others. She has a subtle beauty accentuated with her big eyes when she wears the brown contacts that complement her pretty face. 


Yoona, who is part of the world's most popular girl bands, is known for her unique vocals and striking looks. One look that Yoona prefers is when she wears stunning brown coloured contact lenses to enhance her eyes. It gives her a sexy and sultry look which adds elegance to her whole style. 


Seulgi does not define or stick to the usual Korean beauty standards. Contrary to the doll eyes and double eyelid, she is famous for her natural monolid eyes. She has a way of playing with her looks and makes a bold statement that keeps her fans hooked. Depending on her moods, she can either have the cutest peepers in brown colour or the sexiest eyes of all. 

10. PONY

With more than five million Instagram followers and 3.2 million Youtube followers, K-pop sweetheart Pony has also earned a feature on Harper's Bazaar. Pony loves colour. You can see it from the way she carries vibrant colours in her hair and nails. Though impressive, it is not hair and nails colours that keep her fans captivated. It is her bright blue peepers that give a break from the pink style palette. And if it is fantastically bold you are looking for; then you must witness Pony with her attractive green eyes.

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