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Why Male Celebrities Love Wearing Coloured Contact Lenses?

Why Male Celebrities Love Wearing Coloured Contact Lenses?

Contrary to popular belief, it is not only for films that celebrities wear contact lenses in different colours. Similarly, it is not only the female celebs who are known for transforming their looks with coloured contact lenses. Male celebs also like to make fashion statements, and they don't shy away from adding a dramatic flair to their eyes with colourful contacts. 

Let's look at these hottest males of the industry and see how they rock contact lenses in colour. 

1. Chris Pratt

There can't be a woman who wouldn't want this gorgeous, green-eyed young man to guard their fantastical galaxy. Chris Pratt's eyes can capture any woman's heart, whether he is a sexy demi-god, a handsome dinosaur trained in Jurassic Park. If you are a male fan, you can copy any of his looks by wearing a pair of green coloured Halloween Contact Lenses along with a space-sailing, avenging look. 

2. Tom Hiddleston

This handsome British actor played the evil brother of one of the tough guys in the Avenger series. In real life, he is totally unlike the dull and drab role of his reel life. With a pair of striking coloured contact lenses, he is a hottie that women swoon over. 

3. Chris Hemsworth

Can you believe it? Everyone's favourite Thor from the Avenger series is also a fan of wearing coloured contacts. God of Thunder likes sporting different colours in eyes. He is a godly trendsetter for men with coloured eyes. 

4. Jason Momoa

 It is not only the Men of Marvel who are into coloured contacts. The DC universe is part of the trend too. Jason Momoa has a knack for wearing a variety of colourful lenses to achieve smouldering, sexy looks that drive all his fans wild regardless of gender. 

5. Orlando Bloom

The 38-year-old British Actor who is UNICEF's Goodwill Ambassador, Orlando Bloom's iconic eye colour transformation was in "The Lord of the Rings," where he played the role of Legolas. It was light blue-grey contacts that left a deep impression instead of his natural deep brown colour. 

6. Kanye West

Who can forget Kanye West's bold statement with a creepy, far-off gaze at the 2016 Met Gala sporting an arresting set of ice-blue lenses? It was a complete trend-setting moment. Since then, there has been no looking back. Whether you are amongst those who believe it was too bold or the ones who loved his looks, he created history by switching from his soulful brown colour to steely, chilling eye colour. 

7. Robert Pattinson

When it comes to coloured lenses, one movie and one celebrity stand out more than the rest. Pattinson transformed his natural light coloured with the deep dark brown of Edward Cullen in Twilight. If you love Twilight movies and especially Robert Pattinson, you can understand what those dark coloured lenses did to thousands of hearts worldwide. But this hottie loves to trend with different eye colours outside movies too. 

8. Henry Cavill

This fine-looking star from the "Man of Steel," Henry Cavill, suffers from heterochromia due to which his left eye is partly brown whereas his natural eye colour is blue. Kate Bosworth also has the same condition. To bring out the gorgeous blue shade of his eye, Cavill wears coloured contacts for many of his roles.  

9. Josh Henderson

Another actor with the same condition as Kat Bosworth and Henry Cavill is Josh Henderson, the "Dallas." His condition is more prominent as his right eye is blue, while his left eye is green, and its sight is also affected by the condition. This handsome hunk may wear coloured contacts for any reason, but it has become a fashion with these sexy masculine looks. 

10. Alan Rickman

For seven years, the late legend Alan Rickman wore black coloured contact lenses to cover his naturally hazel-coloured eyes for his iconic role of Professor Snape in Harry Potter movies. It was not until Goblet of Fire that Director Mike Newell praised his beautiful eye colour, that the perfectionist actor popped out one of the lenses to reveal his real eye colour. RIP. You will be missed, Always!

Why Coloured Contacts for Men?

You see that the hottest and the most handsome celebrities wear coloured lenses because this fashion accessory is not limited to women. The most hardworking actors are famous for transforming their hair-cuts, colours, putting on or losing weight, and some even go to the lengths of getting plastic surgery for fitting their roles on and off the limelight. So, it isn't surprising that contact lenses are also popular with all the stars. 

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