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Unique Makeover Ideas to Become the Queen of Your Knight

Unique Makeover Ideas to Become the Queen of Your Knight

When was the last time you wore that fancy dress and went to the party with your beloved? Has it been a while? With Halloween just passed, the party season might not be over, and yet many are still raving their nights out with their private friend circles. If you are one among the few who is planning to become the night of such fancy-dress Halloween themed parties and mesmerize your knight in shining armor, then we have the perfect exotic looking makeovers for you. Here are 6 crazy makeover ideas that will send the crowd in trance from the moment they lay their eyes on you. So, without further ado, let us check 'em out.

Adopt the Mother Nature Look 

Mother nature is all about bringing the nature's vibrancy in your makeover. It is a composition of both, a nature-inspired look and can also go best with Halloween themed costume parties. Paint one eye with the bright sun while the other eye with a crescent moon with stars' accent. Use a variety of coloured contact lenses to add more realistic effects. As far as the outfit goes, wear forest green covered with brown & green accents to add the perfect allure of a forest to your fancy dress. Become the queen of the night by adopting mother nature look to mesmerize the crowd and your beloveds on the party night.

Become the Cold Ice Queen

Are you the kind of person who loves glitter? Do you seldom get a chance to sprinkle glitter all over yourself? Then there is no moment better than now when you have planned to become the winter queen of the night. If you are about to acquire the Ice Queen makeup look for the night, start out with a white/greyish face foundation and blend it right down to your neck. Use blue eyeshadow to contour and use a holographic lipstick to give your lips an attractive appeal. Now comes the glitter bit, sprinkle it around your eyes. If you want to add more drama, add a cute olaf on one side of your cheek. As for the outfit, where anything that brings the night/galaxy theme out in you. A black/dark blue covered with more glitter.

Sculpt into a Marble Statue

Getting yourself the marble statue makeover is one of the simplest forms of makeover, but it makes you look like one of those crystal queens right out of some vintage cartoon. If you are up for it, then why not! Go ahead and give yourself a trendy pattern and textured makeover. To sculpt yourself into the marble statue, get a stone-faced look with the white face paint and use gray eyeliner pencil to add accents. If you're located in Australia, then get coloured contact lenses in Australia that match your marble statue look over perfectly. Now add accents of gold to tie everything in a mesmerizing visage. As far as the outfit goes, all you need is a marble white dress to get into. Now, win the crowd with your marble statue look.

Become the Princess of Modern Art

Are you an artistic soul? Do you want your artistry to display on yourself? If you are a fan of the contemporary art type or modern art, then here's the perfect makeover look for you. Use white geometric objects to cover one side of your face and while doing so, make sure you create the perfect pattern. Now use face paint to add foundation to the rest of your face. Use a dark blue or purple lip color to fill your lips. Wear a necklace full of pearls and for earrings, go with similar pearl type earrings. Use cream eye white eye shades and wear coloured contacts to bring the contemporary art's entire look and feel to your face. As for the dress, might I recommend wearing a blank canva? What more could couple right with contemporary art than a plain white dress to bring out your perfect appeal.

Become the Mermaid

Do you love to become a mermaid? Want to inspire your Aquaman to take you out on a date? Become the mermaid of his dreams during this holiday season. Use a green and aqua bluish tone to cover your face and contour your eyes with an accent of red. Wear a beautiful tiara over your head and dress yourself up with seashells. Become the beauty of the night by combining the perfect essence of the sea with your entire makeover. Do not forget to wear your contact lenses in Australia if you are attending your Christmas or celebrating your New Year in Sydney or Melbourne. Become the life of the party by becoming the perfect looking mermaid. So, there you go. Here are the best makeover ideas cherry picked just for you.
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