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Unicorn Makeup Ideas With White Contact Lenses & Holographic Lips

Unicorn Makeup Ideas With White Contact Lenses & Holographic Lips

Eternity is in our lips and eyes. William Shakespeare was too mainstream when he was defining the concept of one’s perception but nowadays if you want to make heads turn and bedazzle someone we have cooler and less philosophical ways to do that. An alluring fashion trend that is making people go wild recently is the unicorn obsession. Infusing the magic of interstellar blimey that sparkles with shimmering, glowy, rainbow-like holographic frostiness that awes everyone. Let us check out some amazing fusion of white contact lenses and holographic lipsticks that will arouse the diva in you.

White contact lenses are one of the most popular Halloween contact lenses when people want to create a spooky ghostly look, especially at Halloween parties or themed parties. But today we are going to sprinkle some glitter and glamour into our magical mix and wand out some unicorn approved combinations of white lenses and intense glossy lip options that will accentuate your overall makeup look.

Notorious for the deadly stare white contact lenses, is instantly shocking and attention-grabbing due to their blankness. With their strong colour pigmentation, they transform the appearance of both light and dark coloured eyes. They are widely available in different designs and varieties from blind out to dead white to mesh and many others that we will focus on going forward.

Blind White and Frosted Fairy

Explore the majestically unicorn-obsessed universe by fusing those pouty lips with coats of luxe deposits of lustrous glosses, stains and pixie dust and striking white contact lenses. Wear these amazing white contact lenses that super strong white tint which sets over the pupil flawlessly creating a costumed eye impression that intimidates the snowy frosty look. Power it with lips dabbed with some silver blushed shimmer powder and a blue-toned holographic gloss.

White Mesh and Galatic Grey

Daring for the interstellar look to look drop-dead divine, then the white mesh is an amazing style of white coloured lenses that you need to try. They cover the iris and the pupil with a white net-like pattern giving an extra-terrestrial look. Even for the fashionistas, having dark pupils they perfectly set on the eye making out an astronomical statement. Coat your lips with a blend of sensational grey power matte lip colour and a burgundy touch and fill it up with a silver-tone holographic gloss.

Dead White and Midnight Mermaid 

This look calls for the dead white contact lenses featuring a lunar eclipse pattern on the surrounding of the white iris making the eyes implore the beauty of moon blindness. To make it more sultry paint your lips with the opulent holographic shades of purple, teal and navy to appraise the classic gothic look.

Black spiral contacts and Rainbow Pixie

This is the utmost show-stealing look that will redefine your fanatism for unicorn makeup. Embrace the black spiral design on the white lenses that captures everyone in the whirlpool of hypnotism and emphasise it with the wildly metallic lip lacquers painted in the rainbow pattern and enchanted with a 3D shine to spellbind the audience and steal their hearts. 

White Cat Contacts And Starry Night

This variation of the white contact lenses has a pupil shaped with elongated slits just like a cat to bring out the feline aggressiveness in you without causing any trouble in the vision. Fuse your lips with dreamy shades of plum and lavender-blue and green each layering an abysmal matte shade with a pearlescent gloss boosting the starry night serenity giving a purr-fect look.

Blood Spat Contacts And The Celestial Crimson

These contacts should be your go for the Halloween party exhibiting the terror of blood spat on the white lenses that highlight the anger and terror in you. Bold your lips with hot fiery crimson red cult gloss drenched with seduction to make an impression. The fiery palette of crimson, red gold and orange each painted flirtatiously to heighten the lust in you.

Glass White Eyes And Ravishing Rose

Ever imagined the beautiful capture of a rose in a glass bottle, the depth encompassing the transparency of the glass and the beauty of the rose. Now you can cosplay this look by wearing the glass white contact lenses that represent the angelic pearl white look and pack it with the right amount of drama through holographic rosy lips. Painted with the tame metallic mauve base and Barbie tint buffed with a diamond-inspired gloss to make those puckering lips so luscious.

Whilst many of these looks may seem far fetched,  adorn the beauty of the white contact lenses by experimenting with the trendiest fashions and makeup looks that bring out the fashionista in you. Always adhere to hygiene instructions of your white lenses and enjoy all these amazing looks perfectly wearable for your themed celebrations or nerve-racking costume parties. And don’t forget to add those unicorn tears to spice it up.

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