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Try these Trending Mermaid Make-up Ideas that You have Never Seen Before

Try these Trending Mermaid Make-up Ideas that You have Never Seen Before

Looking for some unique ideas for Halloween this year? Well, this festive season, bring beauty, theater, and lots of magic to your Halloween. Since the end of last year, one of the most celebrated looks is that of a mermaid. Everyone has a different take on this type of makeup and each one is more mesmerizing than the other. Don’t wait any longer. Try some of these Insta-worthy looks this Halloween and stun everyone.

Illusion Makeup

In this very first idea, you can create an illusion of having scales under your skin. It’s an awesome idea and crazily creative. Use shimmery aquatic blue, green and black shades on your eye-lids. You can use the same colour palette to create scales around one eye above the eyebrow, covering a patch of the forehead and a patch covering a part of the cheek. Outline this patch with fake blood or crimson colour to make it look spookier. Make a smaller patch on the opposite cheek near the chin and leave the rest of the face empty. Wear a shimmering, glittery sea-blue coloured lipstick on the darker shade.  Add a pair of Opaque Freshtone Super Naturals in Turquoise shade to the ensemble and your look is complete with a sleek hairdo on top.

Star-Struck Makeup

If you really want to pull off the most captivating aquatic look, then invest in a few extra-pigmented products and accessories. Seashells, lots of shimmer, and sparkly accessories are highly recommended. Lots of glitter and some 3D stars add more drama to this look.  Use shimmery turquoise and royal purple eye shadow palette for both your eyelids and even the brows. Instead of applying a lip colour, you can paint your lips with bright blue shimmery eyeliner to make them pop and stand out. You can add some extra glitter onto your lips for more sparkle. And to give it a more realistic out-of-the-water touch, randomly add some colour to your locks too. Get Premium Topaz Blue Freshtone Coloured Contacts to give your eyes pure aquatic shine. 

Simply Classic Makeup

If you are not an Instagram pro, no need to worry. This simply classic makeup look will help you be in the Mermaid makeup league but with simplicity. Unlike the usual turquoise and blues of the aquatic palette, you can play around with a simple and soft colour palette. For the hair, either get a wig or dye your hair in the grayish blue hues that are so popular these days. Straight beautiful hair worn with a simple light-coloured dress is perfect for this kind of makeup. The basic foundation does the trick here. Combine it with soft pink and gold shades on the lids with jet black eyeliner. Stick pearls around your eyebrows but before that, use a mesh and create colourful scales on both cheeks. This is a gorgeously glam look. Adding a small silver star just a little below your eyes and a pale fuchsia pink colour on lips completes this look with a flourish. 


The Sea Queen Makeup

If you really want to go all out this Halloween or looking for thousands of likes, this glam look is perfect for you. The makeup itself is simple but makes a lasting statement. Apart from the makeup itself, it is the costume and the accessories that you will also have to work on and a few trips to the beach or a store selling seashells is mandatory. First of all, you need to create a crown made of tiny stars, pearls, and some really beautiful seashells. For this mesmerizing mermaid look, you will also need fake long hair in the colours of pink, blue, turquoise, and light purple with a hint of silvery gray. A necklace matching the tiara is also a good investment. Combine it with a dark purple coloured bikini top with rhinestones and you can pair the bottom with a shimmery sarong. 

For the makeup, create blue and purple scales that define the contours of your cheeks and cheekbones. Adorn the edges of these scales with artificial starfish, rhinestones, and glitter. Wear aqua coloured Freshtone Contact Lenses and use very light and fluorescent aqua colour on your lids. Apply liner both on upper and lower lids. Finely trimmed lashes and a touch of mascara makes this look almost complete. Just add a bit of glitter to your eyes and draw a glittery line around the eyebrows too. Last but not least, outline your lips with a dark purple liner and fill in your pout with a creamy light periwinkle shade. 


To create these mesmerizing and enchanting looks from the ocean, all you need is some inspiration and practice. You can also refer to various tutorials online for more details and ideas.
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