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Toss A Sweet to Your Witcher This Halloween Night

Toss A Sweet to Your Witcher This Halloween Night

Witcher was originally a series of Polish novels that turned into a video game and recently the world witnessed it as a Netflix series. This fantasy world of magic and power has made the public drooled over its storyline. If you are a fan of these series then you must try to get up as one of these amazing fantasy characters.

Geralt of Rivia

Geralt Roger Eric du Haute-Bellegarde, famously known as the most powerful Witcher. If you have watched the Netflix version of this series, then any girl would drool over him and every guy would want to be known as him. Dressing up into his avatar can get you a date for an after-party for sure. For his get-up, you won’t have to do much. All you need is a black collarless shirt with full-arm sleeves. Pair it up with body-hugging skinny black trousers and wear a buttoned waistband of the same color. Don’t forget to put that locket which symbolizes his existence. As far as the make-up is concerned, for a change, you won’t need anything except glass white Halloween contact lenses and a light grey wig of shoulder-length long hair. Pin your hair from the back and leave some loose on both sides. If you can, get a sword like his to complete your look as “The Witcher”. 

Yennefer of Vengerberg

One of the most beautiful sorceresses the world has seen is none other but Yennefer. She was the true love of the Geralt of Rivia, the Witcher. Her violet eyes and dark long locks would make any guy fall in love with her. She was not only the most beautiful, but she was also the most intelligent and smart witch. To disguise like her on All Hallows Eve, you must also possess that sass and confidence. Her make-up is nothing but a simple layer of foundation, light lipstick, and a little contour. To get those enchanting purple eyes, buy Halloween contacts, and leave your hair open. To get the costume like hers, you’ll need an undershirt in black color. And a long black gown that gives a feel of the 1700s with puffed upper sleeves that gets tight from below the elbow. Pair it up with black pencil heels and you will be ready as the most powerful sorceress of all times. 

Cirilla Fiona 

Cirilla, popularly famous as Ciri, is the only royalty left of Cintra. Ciri is the successor of her grandmother Queen Calanthy, who took her life when Vilgefortz won the battle.  This brave and brainy girl is on the run since then as Vilgefortz wanted to capture her. To get her avatar, you’ll need to have a plain white shirt, if it is a little oversized, it would be better, but opening some top button would do the work as well. Apart from that, you’ll require a brown leather corset and armbands with the same design and a brown waist bag too. Get long hand gloves as well and pair your entire outfit with skin-tight bronze jeans or pants. Get the sword like her as an accessory and tie your hair into a messy bun. Also, dye your hair ivory temporarily, or if you like you can apply a permanent color as well because silver hairs are trendy now. Complete your look by putting dark eyeshadow and enhance the outline of your eyes with kohl.

Vilgefortz of Roggeveen

Vilgfortz is a young (about a hundred years old) handsome and talented mage. He is also the main antagonist of the series. This young man who is seen as a bad guy has a dark past. His parents abandoned him when he was an infant. Then he was found by druids where a mage visited him and took him to teach him. However, this fiery character is one of its kind and you surely need guts to pull off this personality. For the costume, you can also take inspiration from Vilgelfortz’s costume shown in the show. If you still have no idea how you will be making this costume and are short on time, then here is the tip you must follow. Get a full sleeves navy blue shirt. Pair it up with skinny jeans. Then get a dark grey bed cover or curtain. Cut a neck area and then wear it like a houppelande. Pull the cloth up from both sides to make it look sleeveless, and then tie a wide belt, made from the same cloth on your waist. For the neckpiece, use the DIY art technique and finalize the look by tying a dark maroon or red cloth across your left to the right side. To give yourself a Halloween and antagonist feel, wear a pair of whiteout contact lenses.
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